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59 Beauty Blog Niches To Inspire You in 2023

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Are you thinking of starting a beauty blog? Starting a beauty blog can be a great idea to make money. However, as beauty is a niche that’s competitive, choosing a micro niche or more specialized area to create content about will help you to stand out from the crowd.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

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59 Beauty Blog Niches

Here are some micro niches within beauty to help you to narrow down your blog niche. 

Beauty tutorials

Cosmetic treatments

Eco cosmetics

DIY beauty

Natural beauty products


Rosacea care

Body care

Beauty tech

Working in the beauty industry



Complexion enhancement

Pale skin beauty

Dark skin beauty

Latino beauty

Celebrity plastic surgery

Celebrity beauty

Niche fragrances

Hair care

Hair extensions

Beauty supplies

Cosmetic brushes

Wedding beauty

Event makeup

Beauty trends

Natural hair care


Costume makeup


Indie beauty brands

Cruelty-free beauty

Organic skincare

Anti-aging skincare

Personal styling

Budget beauty

TikTok beauty

Beauty side hustles

Skincare hacks

Makeup hacks

Luxury beauty brands

Beauty routines

Acne care

Eczema care

Beauty tips

Spa treatments


Beauty tools

Oily skin

Dry skin

Beauty industry news

Minimalist beauty

Foundation products

Glowing skin

Eye and brow makeup

Beauty influencers

Beauty supplements

Beauty boxes

French beauty

How to find your beauty blog niche

1. A blog’s audience is important in determining whether a niche will work for you. If your blog is not getting any traffic, then it will not be worth your time to start blogging. Have a look at Google Trends to determine how popular your micro-niche is.

2. Keep updated with news about new products being introduced, new trends emerging or just general knowledge about beauty products/services etc. This can help to inspire you.

3. If you’re not sure if there’s a niche for your blog, then check out other blogs on the same topic or other bloggers who have posted about this subject before and think about if you can provide a fresh perspective on it.

4. Once you’ve found the right niche, then start searching for low competitive keywords so that you can begin creating content about it.

How to Set Up Your Beauty Blog

Setting up your blog couldn’t be easier. My step-by-step tutorial will show you how to start a blog on WordPress. Via this, you’ll have the foundations of a profitable website.

8 examples of profitable beauty bloggers 

Here are some examples of established beauty blogs:

Hello Glow

The Beauty Lookbook

Lab Muffin


Makeup and Beauty 


My Beauty Bunny

Organic Beauty Blogger

How to make money from a beauty blog

A beauty blog is a great way to become profitable. However, there are some things to keep in mind. 

Let’s take a look at the top 5 ways that you can make money from a beauty blog:

1. Sign up for paid advertising through an affiliate program

An affiliate program helps you make money off of your sales through direct links on your website.

There are many different affiliate programs out there so it is important that you choose the one that best suits your needs. Make sure to also check out their guidelines before agreeing to sign up with them as they may have certain policies in place, such as which platforms you can use to promote your affiliate links. 

2. Display advertising

Hosting display ads on your website is another way to make money from your blog.  You can apply for Google AdSense or another display ad network like Adthrive or Mediavine.

The only downside to these is that you need to be getting some traffic to your beauty blog before you can display ads. If you plan on monetizing your blog in this way, look at beauty blog niches that may be more popular than others.

3. Online courses

Many bloggers use online courses as a way of adding more revenue to their business. As a beauty blogger, there are many types of courses you could create. Plus, all beauty blog niches can create a course on their topic.

For example, you could teach people how to make DIY beauty products or you could offer a course on clearing acne. 

4. Ebooks

Ebooks are another form of making money from a beauty blog. Again, there are many topics you can write about, including makeup or skincare. Think about your audience’s needs and what solutions they’re searching for. 

In addition to selling your book on your website and through your social media accounts, you could also sell a book on Amazon KDP, Lulu, or an alternative publishing site. 

5. Ecommerce

If you’re writing about specific products, consider setting up an online store. This may require some initial investment unless you’re dropshipping. However, once you begin getting significant traffic, you could even look into starting your own beauty brand – that’s exactly what Huda Kattan did with Huda Beauty

To recap

These beauty blog niches are a great place to start if you’re feeling stuck about which micro niche to choose from.

If you’re considering profitable beauty blog niches, then you may want to stick to more general topics like makeup or skincare.

If you have a passion or experience within one or two beauty blog niches, then you should opt for one of these as it’ll be much easier to create content about things you have knowledge on.

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