Best cafes to work from in London

27 Best Cafes to Work From in London (Laptop Friendly) 2023

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If there’s one thing I’m always on the lookout for, it’s a comfortable place to work from that has delicious food, coffee, and a chilled atmosphere. 

Whether you’re a freelancer, remote worker, student, or simply searching for somewhere to work from for the day, finding where to remote work from in London isn’t always the easiest task. 

Finding a good work-friendly cafe can be like finding gold – when you locate a laptop-friendly cafe with great coffee and good wifi, you’re more than likely to head there again, and again. 

Well, my London friends, if you’re hunting for the best work-friendly places in England’s capital city, I’ve got your back!

In this guide to the best cafes to work from in London, you’ll discover:

  • The best London coffee shops to work and study from, including their opening hours, location, map, and phone number.
  • What makes each free coworking space in London the best place for getting work done during the day?
  • Any extra facts you should know about the best free workspaces London has to offer.

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What You Need to Know About The Best Cafes to Work From in London

Before I go into more depth about the best cafes to study from or work from in London, I’ve tried to include a variety of independent and chain coffee shops in central London and around town, including East and West London.

The main thing that most freelancers, remote workers, and students are looking for in a good cafe or coffee shop is somewhere that has reliable WIFI, cosy-ish seating, friendly staff, good cleanliness, and decent opening hours. 

The cafes on this list cover different budgets and taste so keep in mind that what coffee shop works for one working style may not work best for you. 

As I continue my quest to find good places to do work near me, in London, and around the UK, I’ll continue to update this guide and add more to the blog. While I’m currently based in Manchester, I hit up London every so often to work (thanks to working remotely) and do those oh-so awesome touristy things that everyone loves to do. 

Pssst. I’ve also included maps within this post since London is huge! 

OK, let’s explore some of the best cafes to work from in London (in no particular order)…

The Best Cafes to Work From in London Central

Apple Butter Cafe

If you love a good brunch, you’ll love Apple Butter Cafe. As someone who isn’t an early bird, I need a good energy boost to get me through to the afternoon. Luckily, the menu at Apple Butter Cafe is more than enough to satisfy my tastebuds. 

From refreshing smoothies and teas to delicious coffees, pancakes, sandwiches, and even desserts, the menu will easily tempt you through the doors. 

The good news is that this work or study cafe in the heart of Seven Dials, London also has reliable free wifi (not the speediest, unfortunately) as well as plugs, comfy seats, and an air of calm. 

If you’re looking for a mix of charming aesthetics meets functional workspace, this is the spot for you. 

Location: 32-34 Monmouth Street, London, WC2H 9HA

Opening Times: Monday to Friday, 9-5pm, Saturday + Sunday, 9-6pm

Website: AppleButterCafe

Phone number: 020 3019 7474

Menu: Gluten and dairy-free options available

Prices – £2.60 – £22

Redemption Roasters

Redemtion Roasters coffee shop london cafe

If you’re looking for one of the best coffee shops to study from in London, Redemption Roasters has you covered. As one of the best cafes in Covent Garden, opening from 8am until 6pm throughout the week, those extra hours make this hotspot perfect for those who want an early or late hit of caffeine. 

With free wifi, mouthwatering pastries, and an airy atmosphere, Redemption Roasters easily makes this list of best cafes to work from in London.

Location: 40 Drury Lane, London, WC2B 5RR

Opening Times: Monday to Friday, 8-6pm, Saturday + Sunday, 9-5pm

Website: RedemptionRoasters

Phone number: 020 5424 8220

Menu: Pour over brew bar available

Prices – £3 – £12.50

Prufrock Coffee

As one of the more famous London cafes, Prufrock has built a reputation as a comfortable place to work from for an hour or two, especially when you’re seated in a relaxing booth.

With slightly more affordable food options, this is a great place for both remote workers and students searching for a quiet workspace – just make sure you avoid lunchtime when it can get super busy (a pair of headphones doesn’t go amiss!)

Bring your laptop and notes and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with a tasty toast, sandwich or cake. There’s wifi and power sockets so this independent coffee shop is perfect for a little work and break time. 

Location: 23-25 Leather Lane, London, EC1N 7TE

Opening Times: Monday to Friday, 7.30am – 4.30pm, Saturday + Sunday, 9am – 5pm

Website: Prufock Coffee

Phone number: 020 7242 0467

Menu: Vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan options 

Prices –  £1.70 – £10

The Wren

When I’m looking for quiet places to work near me, I often choose cafes or coffee shops that open early. I know that the earlier I go, often the quieter it will be. 

Generally, when it comes to the best cafes to work from in London, you need to head out early morning or early afternoon after the lunchtime rush. These tend to be the quietest times as it’s before the kids leave school and you can be sure of getting some hard work done on your laptop. 

The Wren is based within a church which makes its interiors incredibly special. You can easily grab a coffee and pastry and get an hour or two of work done in the relaxing environment.

If you’re on the search for a quiet coffee shop to work from, this is the place to be. If you prefer a bit more background noise, then you’ll likely want to visit other incredible places on this list. 

Location: St Nicholas Cole Abbey, 114 Queen Victoria Street, London, EC4V 4BJ

Opening Times: Monday to Wednesday, 7.00am – 4.30pm, Thursday 7.00am – 12.45pm and 2.00pm – 4.30pm, Friday, 7.00am – 3.30pm, Saturday + Sunday, closed. 

Website: The Wren

Phone number: 07519403203

Menu: Cakes and traybakes daily.

Foyles Cafe

Foyles Coffee Cafe london

Books, coffee, and a great internet cafe in London to work – what more could you want?! This coffee shop is located on the top floor of the famous Foyles bookshop. With reliable wifi and plug sockets, it’s a lovely workspace to visit for an hour or two. 

The only downside here is a lack of privacy when it’s busy (which in London, tends to be often). If you need to answer a quick work call or get on Zoom, it’s going to be a slight problem. If you only need to work on documents, browse the internet or answer emails, then you’re good here!

Location: 107 Charing Cross Rd, London WC2H 0DT

Opening Times: Monday to Saturday, 9am – 9pm, Sunday, 11.30am – 6pm

Phone number: 020 7440 3207

Menu: Vegetarian options available

Prices –  £5 – £15

Cafe Nero Warren Street

Chain coffee shops are like marmite – you either love them or hate them. Personally, I quite enjoy working remotely from these cafes due to the reliable wifi and cheap coffee. 

The Warren Street branch on Tottenham Court Rd is one of the best Cafe Nero coffee shops in London so if you’re on the lookout for a good chain cafe to work from, this will suit you.

The food prices are cheaper than some of the other options on this list so if you’re on a budget, consider working from a chain coffee shop – just make sure you avoid the breakfast and lunchtime rushes!

Location: 126 Tottenham Ct Rd, London W1T 5AT

Opening Times: Monday to Saturday, 6.30am-9pm, Sunday, 7am-8.30pm

Website: CafeNero

Phone number: 020 7387 7812

Menu: Vegan and gluten-free options

Prices – £1.65 – £7

Starbucks New Oxford Street

There’s a good reason why people love working from Starbucks – the wifi is completely reliable. The New Oxford Street branch is one of the best cafes to study from since it’s a little cheaper than other coffee shops, and there are a lot of power outlets here too!

If you’re looking for a space to work from for most of the day, Starbucks is great as there’s lots of comfortable seating to enjoy and you can simply get a couple of hot drinks throughout your work day or a light bite to eat. 

Location: 112 -116 New Oxford St, London WC1A 1HH

Opening Times: Monday to Friday, 6.15am-8pm, Saturday and Sunday, 7am-8.00pm

Website: Starbucks

Phone number: 020 7636 0935

Menu: Light bites and beverages

Prices – £1.50 + for hot drinks

Host Cafe

Host London is a brilliant place to work or study from. As laptop-friendly cafes in London go, this workspace is one of the best. 

If you’re staying for over 1.5 hours, simply book a table in advance and it’s yours for your entire stay – no worrying about getting moved on or asked to leave. Sockets are located next to your table, making it convenient for powering up on the go. 

Choosing a slot for up to 4 hours costs £10 per person but that also includes 2 free beverages. 

Location: St Mary Aldermary, 65 Watling St, London EC4M 9BW

Opening Times: Monday to Friday, 7.30am-4pm, Saturday and Sunday, closed

Website: Host Cafe

Phone number: 07873438774

Menu: Lunch served between 11.30am and 2pm

Prices – £2.40 – £9

Covent Garden Grind

This Covent Garden coffee shop serves up cocktails as well as hot drinks so if you’re in the mood to chill out after work, this is a great place to be!

That said, Grind does great coffee in addition to a vast menu so if you’re in the mood for brunch, this is a good cafe to work from. 

There are a few branches of Grind around London so if this one isn’t to your taste, you may prefer one of the others. However, I enjoy the vibe of this branch. 

Location: 42 Maiden Lane, London WC2E 7LJ

Opening Times: Monday to Wednesday, 8am-6pm, Thursday to Friday, 8am-9pm, Saturday, 9am – 9pm and Sunday, 9am – 6pm

Website: Grind

Phone number: 020 3019 1801

Menu: Vegan and gluten-free options

Prices – £2.60 – £12.50

Monmouth Coffee

One of my top choices for searching for a cafe with wifi to work from near me is a quaint little place with tons of personality. Monmouth Coffee is a lovely place to work from despite the limited seating.

If you’re heading here, avoid peak times as it can get busy. Also, don’t take cash as it’s card payment only.

Location: 27 Monmouth St, London WC2H 9EU

Opening Times: Monday to Saturday, 8am-6pm, Sunday, closed

Website: MonmouthCoffee

Phone number: 020 7232 3010

Menu: A range of delicious coffees from around the world

Prices – From £3.20

Benk + Bo

Located over 3 floors, Benk + Bo has space to work and even record podcasts. The vegetarian kitchen serves up sumptuous bakes and dishes, while their hot coffee is a well-deserved treat.

The greenery at Benk + Bo gives the place a calming ambiance, which is just what you need during a busy week. Definitely, one of the best cafes to work from in London!

Location: 4-6 Gravel Lane, Greater, London E1 7AW

Opening Times: Monday to Friday, 8am-4pm

Website: Benkandbo

Phone number: 020 7377 6842

Menu: Breakfasts and seasonal plates

Prices – £2.20 – £10

Best cafes to work from in North London


This Camden coffee shop isn’t just a great place to work from, it also supports refugees in finding employment. With a fantastic mission, you can’t help but not want to support this cafe!

Luckily for remote workers and students, it also serves delicious coffee and offers a pleasant environment to work or study.

Location: 27 Camden Passage, London N1 8EA

Opening Times: Wednesday to Thursday, 8am-4pm, Friday 8am – 9pm, Saturday 9am – 9pm, Sunday, 9am – 5pm

Website: TrampolineCafe

Phone number: 020 7232 3010

Menu: Snacks and beverages

Prices – £1.50 – £7

Big Jo Bakery

For a tasty croissant with your morning coffee, head to Big Jo bakery and restaurant. This spot is best if you’ve got a little bit of work to do from a tablet or notebook.

An hour or two here is a nice way to break up your work or study day, especially as there’s a warm and welcoming ambiance.

Location: 324 Hornsey Rd, Finsbury Park, London N7 7HE

Opening Times: Monday to Sunday, 8am-4pm

Website: BigJoBakery

Phone number: 020 3915 6760

Menu: Doesn’t cater to allergies

EZ & Moss

EZ & Moss is well-known for being student-friendly so if you’re in this part of town, it’s well worth taking a trip to.

Situated close to Holloway Road Station, EZ & Moss is a cute coffee shop to work from, and the coffee tastes pretty good too. There are a few power outlets here so if you need to charge your laptop or phone, it’s super handy!

Location: 183 Holloway Road, London N7 8LX

Opening Times: Tuesday to Friday, 8am-4pm, Saturday 9am – 4pm

Website: Ezandmoss

Phone number: 020 7609 9628

Menu: Vegan and gluten-free options

Prices Up to £13


Vagabond is a cute London coffee shop that makes working from here a real pleasure. The chilled atmosphere and good coffee are ideal if you want to stay for a couple of hours.

If you’re feeling peckish, there are some good options to choose from with brunch and light bites on the menu.

Location: 105 Holloway Road, London N7 8LT

Opening Times: Monday to Friday, 8am-4pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am – 5pm

Website: Vagabond

Phone number: 020 3581 3738

Menu: Breakfast and light bites

Ginger & White


Ginger & White is a Hampstead coffee shop that’s kid-friendly so if you need to work and have a little one with you, you can pop along with the safe knowledge that there’s something on the menu for them.

You can grab breakfast or a mouthwatering cake from here. While it’s not the cheapest place in London, the food is good and the service is friendly.

Location: 4a, 5a Perrin’s Ct, London NW3 1QU

Opening Times: Monday to Friday, 7.30am-5.30pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am – 6pm

Website: Gingerandwhite

Phone number: 020 7431 9098

Menu: Breakfast, soups, and sandwiches

Prices: Up to £9.50

Best Cafes to Work From in East London

Look Mum No Hands

Look Mum No Hands isn’t a regular coffee shop – it also sells bikes and other bits. For those of us who just want somewhere to work, look no further than the large wooden tables – they’re perfect for sitting down with your laptop and getting productive.

As one of the best cafes in East London, this coffee shop is also a fairly quiet hub so it’s also an ideal space if you want to study.

Location: 49 Old Street, London EC1V 9HX

Opening Times: Monday to Tuesday, 8am-4pm, Wednesday to Thursday 8am to 10pm, Friday 8am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday 9am – 4pm

Website: Lookmumnohands

Phone number: 020 7253 1025

Menu: Vegan options

Prices: Up to £13.50

Grounded Whitechapel

Grounded is only a minute’s walk from Whitechapel Gallery, serving up a good mix of dishes from French toast to burgers and fries.

If you’re heading here and need to power up your gadgets, there’s an electric plug under the seat of table 3 which makes working from here a breeze. The BT wifi is quick and reliable too.

Location: 9 Whitechapel Rd, London E1 6TY

Opening Times: Monday to Sunday, 7am-10pm

Website: GroundedCoffee

Phone number: 020 7377 1703

Menu: All day breakfast available

Prices: £2.20 – £11.95

Paper and Cup

Paper and Cup is one of the most affordable and best cafes to work from in London. Set up by the Spitalfields Crypt Trust, they support those recovering from addiction and have a community shop selling vintage boosts and items.

Location: 18 Calvert Ave, London E2 7JP

Opening Times: Monday to Saturday, 10am-6pm, Sunday 11am – 5pm


Phone number: 020 7739 5358

Menu: Cakes and snacks

Ditto Coffee

Located over 2 floors, Ditto Coffee celebrates local artists and serves coffee sourced from an independent roastery based in Liverpool.

Ditto is one of the best coffee shops in London to work from thanks to its vibrant atmosphere and great service.

Location: 91 Rivington St, London EC2A 3AY

Opening Times: Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm

Website: DittoCoffee

Phone number: 020 7377 1703

Menu: Fresh bakes and yummy snacks

Best Cafes to Work From in South London

Bean and Hop

If you need a hearty breakfast, head to Bean and Hop. This popular brunch spot can fill up with hungry patrons quickly so it’s best to avoid peak lunchtime.

If you want to take your pup with you, Bean and Hop are dog-friendly which can make life much easier if you’re a remote worker with a pet.

Location: 424-426 Garratt Lane, London SW18 4HN

Opening Times: Monday to Friday, 8am-3.30pm, Saturday and Sunday 8.30am – 3.30pm

Website: BeanandHop

Phone number: 020 7998 6584

Menu: Vegan options on offer

Prices: £2.50 – £14


One of the best coffee shops in Brixton, Caya is specially tailored to freelancers and students. It costs just £8 to work here for half a day and you get free coffee and tea too.

If you need a cozy coworking cafe, Caya is one of your best bets.

Location: 344 Coldharbour Ln, London SW9 8QH

Opening Times: Monday to Friday, 8am-4pm, Saturday and Sunday, 9am – 3pm

Website: Caya


Menu: Coffee and light bites

Chapter 72

Chapter 72 is a cozy coffee shop that serves coffee during the day and cocktails at night. So, if you want to mix work with pleasure, this cafe can be an excellent choice.

The friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere mean this spot had to be added to the list of best cafes to work from in London. It’s a good idea to only work here for an hour or two though as it can get busy.

Location: 72 Bermondsey St, London SE1 3UD

Opening Times: Monday to Friday, 7am-11pm, Saturday, 8.30am – 11pm and Sunday, 9am – 9pm

Website: Chapter-72

Menu: Coffee and cocktails
Prices: £2 – £12.50

Best Cafes to Work From in West London

Artisan Coffee School

As the name suggests, Artisan Coffee is a school for wannabe baristas to learn the art of making great coffee. But, it’s also a large space for coworking.

This Eailing coffee shop boasts a homely aesthetic and friendly ambiance so if you enjoy a workspace where you can easily drift off into productive mode, this should be your top choice.

Location: 32 New Broadway, London W5 2XA

Opening Times: Monday to Friday, 7.30am-5pm, Saturday, 8am – 5.30pm, Sunday 8.30am – 5.30pm

Website: ArtisanCoffeeSchool

Phone number: 020 7030 3170

Menu: Coffee and light bites

Chief Coffee

Chief Coffee is a hidden gem in London’s coffee scene. This cafe is best for work and play, especially thanks to the Japanese arcade and lounge.

If you need a little quiet space, take a pair of headphones with you – it can get quite busy in here at peak times.

Location: Turnham Green Terrace Mews, Chiswick, London W4 1QU

Opening Times: Monday to Friday, 8am-5.30pm, Saturday, 9am – 6pm, Sunday 10.30am – 5.30pm

Website: ChiefCoffee

Menu: Coffee and baked goods

Coffee Plant

Coffee Plant is ideal for organic coffee lovers. This Portobello Road coffee shop is probably considered ‘no frills’ – the decor is pretty simple and understated. However, it’s a nice little space to work from for an hour or two.

Location: 180 Portobello Rd, London W11 2EB

Opening Times: Monday to Thursday, 7.30am-4pm, Friday to Saturday, 7.30am – 4.30pm, Sunday, 8am – 3pm

Website: CoffeePlant

Phone number: 020 7221 8137

Menu: Pastries and hot drinks

Coffee Island

The Covent Garden branch of Coffee Island boasts yummy cakes and bakes alongside a good cup of coffee.

While it’s not super spacious, if you’re heading out with a laptop, tablet, or notebook to work from, it’s more than accommodating.

Location: 5 Upper St Martin’s Ln, London WC2H 9EA

Opening Times: Monday to Friday, 7.30am-7pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am – 7pm

Website: CoffeeIsland

Phone number: 020 7836 3007

Menu: Sandwiches, salads, hot drinks

How long is too long to stay at a cafe?

Most cafes and coffee shops are happy for you to stay as long as you need, especially if you’re working or studying. However, some cafes may ask for your table if it’s busy. Check for guidelines before visiting or ask a barista.

Can you sit in a cafe and work?

Yes, most cafes allow you to work from their premises and have free wifi and power sockets for you to use.

What are the best cafes to work remotely in London?

Benk + Bo, Host London, Caya and The Wren are my top choices for the best cafes to work from in London since they’re tailored to remote workers.

Tips for working from cafes in London

Arrive as early as you can if you want to secure a good spot, and bring noise-canceling headphones if you’re going to be working or studying during potentially busy periods.

Another tip is to make sure you’re aware of the cafe’s opening hours so you can plan your workload in advance.

If you’re going to be working or studying for long periods of time, ensure you take a break for some fresh air.

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