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78 Food Blog Topic Ideas for Content Creators

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If you need some food blog topic ideas to write about, you’re in luck. Below, I’ve created 78 food blog post ideas for your website. These are perfect for food bloggers, content creators, and small businesses. 

You can easily weave these ideas into your editorial content calendar or use them as starting points for your keyword research – it’s completely up to you!

In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • 78 food blog topic ideas to write about
  • My process for easily devising new food blog topic ideas
  • Food bloggers to take inspiration from

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78 Food Blog Topic Ideas To Write About

General food blog posts

Review a new restaurant in town

Write about a food-related event you attended

Share a cooking tip

Introduce a new ingredient or cooking technique

Profile a local farmer or food producer

Share a story about a memorable meal

Offer advice for hosting a dinner party

Share your thoughts on a food trend

Offer tips for eating healthy on a budget

Share your favorite kitchen gadget

Offer advice for eating healthy while traveling

Share your thoughts on a food-related book or movie

Offer tips for picky eaters

Share your thoughts on organic vs. non-organic food

Tips on cooking for large groups

Introduce a new cookbook or cooking blog

How to cook with kids

How to eat out on a budget

5 ways to great food photography

Meal planning for busy moms

The ultimate guide to [insert cuisine] cooking

The best places to buy fresh and local ingredients in [your city/town]

Get out of your cooking rut with these 10 new ideas

Batch cooking 101: How to cook once and eat all week long

The beginner’s guide to cooking with spices

Tips and tricks for cooking with fresh herbs

5 ways to cut down on food waste in your kitchen

The pantry staples you need for quick and easy weeknight dinners

Recipe Blog Posts

5 easy weeknight dinners 

10 ways to use up that can of tomatoes 

One-pot wonders: 15 recipes for lazy cooks 

5 healthy(ish) recipes for when you’re trying to eat better 

Breakfast for dinner: 10 recipes to try 

5 global comfort food recipes to warm you up this winter 

7 vegan dinner recipes even meat-eaters will love 

30-minute meals: 20 quick and easy recipes 

Sheet pan suppers: 15 recipes for easy weeknight dinners 

Slow cooker secrets: 10 tips for making the best meals in your crockpot 

The ultimate guide to grilling: 25+ recipes for summertime cooking 

Desserts for two (or one, no judgment): 10 recipes for small-batch sweets 

When you’re craving something sweet but healthy: 15 fruit-based desserts 

Chocolate lovers rejoice! 15 decadent dessert recipes  

For the mint chocolate lovers out there…10 refreshingly delicious desserts  

Summer lovin’: 15 no-bake dessert recipes perfect for warmer weather  

When you want cake but don’t want to turn on the oven: 9 microwave mug cakes   

Got a sweet tooth but watching your sugar intake? Try these 7 low-sugar dessert recipes    

Lazy but healthy meals: 5 ideas for your air fryer

6 gluten-free recipes that kids will love

10 keto recipes for lunch on the go

Mocktail recipes for all the family

14 comfort food recipes for a cold winters day

11 slow cooker recipes perfect for winter

6 one-pot pasta recipes for an easy meal

8 easy and tasty finger food recipes for your next party

5 recipes for the perfect summer barbecue

Baking blog posts

How to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie

How to make homemade bread

The perfect pie crust recipe

The best brownies you will ever eat

A guide to making the perfect cheesecake

Delicious and easy to make banana muffins

Cinnamon rolls that will melt in your mouth

A guide to making perfect macarons

The best way to frost a cupcake

How to make fondant from scratch

How to make homemade ice cream

10 easy recipes for beginner bakers

Tips and tricks for decorating cakes like a pro

Delicious and Nutritious: 5 Recipes for Healthy Baked Goods

5 Vegan Baking Recipes That Will Satisfy Any Sweet Tooth

Gluten-Free Baking: 10 Delectable Recipes For Those With Celiac Disease or a Gluten Intolerance

The Best Bundt Cake Recipes from Around the Web

Coffee Cake Recipes: 11 Delicious Ways to Start Your Day

13 Irresistible Monkey Bread Recipes Guaranteed to Make Your Mouth Water

15 Deliciously Different Doughnut Recipes

Fruit Pizza: A Delicious and Healthy Dessert Recipe

No-Bake Cheesecake: An Easy and Delicious Dessert Recipe

Brownies: Fudgy, Chewy, or Cakey? Find the Perfect Recipe for Your Taste!

How to Easily Create Food Blog Topic Ideas For Your Content Strategy

Coming up with ideas for your food blog posts couldn’t be easier with the following steps.

  1. Check for the latest food trends

Food trends are an excellent way of inspiring your content creation. Putting out content on the latest food trends can help to establish you as an authority within your niche, as well as aid your SEO efforts. 

One way to see what food trends are taking off is to search Exploding Topics. You can find out what trends are growing in popularity, and which ones are declining. 

  1. Search Facebook groups 

Facebook groups are packed with amazing content ideas, simply begin searching the questions that people are asking within them. For example, if you have a baking website, look for groups related to this niche. Ask to join them and look at recent posts. You can see what people are asking and use these questions as inspiration for your next blog posts.

  1. Reddit

Reddit is a goldmine for food blog topic ideas. To use it for inspiration, follow the same process as you would for Facebook groups. For instance, if you have a keto blog, head to the keto forum on Reddit to discover what people are posting. 

Using this example, some topics to look into would be keto supplements and bloating. Do some keyword research to see if there are any angles you could use that have low competition and are able to rank highly for in Google search results. 

Food Blogs to Take Inspiration From

For further inspiration on food blog topic ideas, take a look at the following blogs to discover what topics they’re covering. Remember, the idea is to see how they use them within their own content strategy – not to imitate and copy their posts. 

Joy The Baker

Chocoloate Covered Katie

Budget Bytes

Chili Pepper Cooks

Love and Lemons

I hope these food blog topic ideas are useful in your content creation process. To get the most out of them, I recommend performing keyword research to determine how competitive the angle is, and then brainstorming some further ideas on how to make it unique for your website.

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