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23 Low Competition Fiverr Gigs in 2023

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Are you searching for some of the best low competition Fiverr gigs with high demand? Then, I’ve got just the thing.

Selling services on Fiverr can be a profitable venture. Unfortunately, there are thousands of freelancers using the platform to generate money, so choosing the right gig to offer is essential if you want to get noticed, and make sales!

In this handy guide, you’ll discover:

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23 Low Competition Gigs on Fiverr 2023

So, what are the best low competition, high demand gigs on Fiverr? Here are some low competition services on Fiverr to inspire you. 

AI services

Did you know that you can now sell AI services on Fiverr? 

This can include ChatGPT operator, AI content editing, fact checking, creating art on Midjourney or DALL.E, creating AI chatbots, or even making AI videos. 

As AI services are relatively new, the market isn’t oversaturated so there’s plenty of potential to make money. 

If you plan on offering an AI gig, familiarize yourself with a specific AI tool first. Once you’ve got expertise in this area, you can showcase your skills to prospective buyers. 

AI services on Fiverr range from $5 for content editing to several hundreds of dollars for building an AI tool. 

Fashion stylist

At the time of writing this article, there are only 231 gigs in personal fashion styling. If you love fashion and stay on top of current trends, this could be the perfect job for you. 

Fashion styling involves virtual makeovers or creating mood boards for clients. This could be selecting outfits on websites for them to purchase, finding ideal-fitting garments for their body type, or providing professional consulting on clothes they already own. 

Social media videos

If you know how to create and edit videos, offering content for social media could be the ideal money maker. Many businesses and entrepreneurs require these types of videos for social media ads, brand awareness, or product promotion. 

Normally, these videos will be short in length and require creative skills, especially as you need to hook the viewer early on. 

If you have video creation or editing experience, consider offering social media video content. 

Product descriptions

If you’re searching for low competition content writing gigs, then product descriptions are the way to go. 

This gig is in demand since many e-commerce store owners struggle to write their own engaging content. 

Writing product descriptions involves crafting compelling text for a product in order to encourage a consumer to purchase it. Generally, you’ll provide basic information about a product, incorporating persuasive language to evoke a sense of urgency. 

If you’re skilled in storytelling or have the ability to write captivating text that speaks to the desired target audience, this could be the perfect gig to offer. 

Custom Excel spreadsheets/templates

Making custom Excel spreadsheets involves defining their purpose. For example, you could create and sell a spreadsheet for tracking sales or business metrics. Next, you’ll need to identify the data that needs to be tracked by communicating with the seller. 

Once you know their specifications, you can create formulas, bar charts, and graphs, and format them to highlight key information.

If you’re highly experienced in Excel, you can charge around $100+ per custom spreadsheet. That means you would only need ten orders per month to make $1000. 

Niche-specific WordPress website

Around 810 million sites use the WordPress platform so this gig could be very fruitful. If you have WordPress development experience, you can earn hundreds of dollars on Fiverr designing custom sites. 

I’ve seen sellers charging over $1000 per gig for WordPress design so this service has the potential to overtake your 9-5 income. 

For this gig, I suggest choosing a specific niche, such as developing sites for e-commerce stores, coaches, or sales as this will reduce your number of competitors and help you to stand out.  

2D/3D animation

If you have animation experience, creating character animation, explainer videos, motion graphics or whiteboard animation could be the perfect gig for you. 

These types of services tend to be in high demand and highly profitable. Just look at how many orders these top-rated sellers have:

The more skills you have, the more you’ll be able to earn, especially as clients pay more for higher-quality work. 


Creating storyboards is one of the best low competition Fiverr gigs. This service involves drawing images or illustrations of scenes that help to plan out the structure of a video, animation or film.

Directors and producers use completed storyboards to refine their filming process. This gig starts from around $10 for beginners. If you’re experienced in designing professional storyboards, then you can charge $100 to $200 per gig.

Writing scripts

Writing scripts is a fun gig that anyone with creative or writing skills can do. This type of service may involve creating scripts for short videos, radio ads, social media, Youtube content, and short films. 

The more experienced you are, the higher you can charge for writing scripts. Top script-writing sellers on Fiverr charge $100 upwards. 

Personalized workout/nutrition plan

Offering a personalized workout or nutrition plan involves assessing your clients’ health goals, helping them to make healthy dietary choices, and creating a targeted exercise plan that will help them to reach their goals. 

You could also offer video consultations and provide short exercise videos to help your clients make progress. 

Fitness and nutrition is a relatively new category on Fiverr so there’s still potential to earn money. Ideally, it’s best to niche down to a specific fitness category, such as yoga, pilates, bodybuilding, weight loss etc. This will help you to attract more clients. 

SEO keyword research

SEO keyword research is an important task that helps websites to get found in online search results. If you have knowledge of SEO or keyword research tools, you can easily offer this gig. 

For instance, you could target e-commerce businesses, helping them to find the best keywords for their product pages. Alternatively, you could assist bloggers with their keyword research. 

Pricing for this gig starts at $10 but top sellers on Fiverr are charging $100+ 

KDP book covers

A KDP book covers gig simply means designing covers for people selling books on the Amazon KDP platform. 

Amazon KDP has grown in popularity in the last few years so this is definitely an in-demand gig – I’ve used a seller in this category myself as book cover design is tough when you don’t know how. 

If you have good graphic design skills, you can easily provide this service. Consider tailoring your gigs to different types of books to make more sales. 

Some book designs you can offer include journals, contemporary novels, coloring books, puzzle books etc. 


Another one of the best graphic design low competition gigs to offer is infographics. This service involves presenting information in a visually appealing way. Usually, you’ll need to collate data, identify key messages to present, choose an appropriate visual style, such as fonts and colors, as well as incorporate visual elements like bar charts and icons. 

You can use tools like Canva to create beautiful infographics so this gig has a low barrier to entry since some Canva features are free to use. If you have a good eye for design, this is a potentially profitable service to provide. 

Cosmetics formulation

Another relatively new category on Fiverr is cosmetics formulation. Now, you’ll need expertise in science to provide this service. However, there are many people in need of this gig, including new entrepreneurs and more established cosmetics brands. 

Sellers in the cosmetics formulation category are already making sales and at the time of writing this article, there are only 300+ service providers. 

If you know how to formulate cosmetics or skincare, offering this gig may be the perfect money-making venture for you. 

Happy birthday video

Are you confident about being filmed on camera? Offering a happy birthday video in the style of a celebrity or comedy character may be the ideal gig for you. 

While this is one of the more unusual services on Fiverr, sellers are making multiple sales. The key with this type of gig is to offer something unique that helps to catapult you out of the crowd. 

If you’re planning on offering this service, take a look on YouTube or TikTok to see what funny videos are trending – this may help you to generate ideas for your own content!

Guided meditation script writing

If you enjoy meditation and understand the type of audio that helps people to relax, creating meditation scripts could be the perfect job. 

This service involves writing out visualizations and relaxation techniques that clients can use for commercial purposes, such as selling meditation audios or creating meditation YouTube video content. 

While script writing gigs are priced at the lower end, if you can provide the audio content in addition to the script, you’ll be able to charge more for your service – sellers providing ‘done for you’ meditations charge $25 and upwards. 

Custom worksheets

Creating custom digital worksheets is a service that can be aimed at education professionals or Etsy sellers. For instance, you can provide kids activity worksheets, planner worksheets, budgeting sheets, and spelling worksheets. 

Ultimately, you’ll need to be able to design the specified worksheet in Canva, Adobe, or a similar tool, providing the file to your client. 

Top sellers are charging $50 + for this gig. However, there are plenty of opportunities with this service to offer upsells like extra content or a faster turnaround. 

Game coaching

Imagine getting paid to teach someone chess, Warzone or COD? Well, offering a game coaching service on Fiverr allows you to do just that. 

You can offer any type of game coaching, but to make money you’ll need to provide something that’s in demand. 

Video gaming and chess seem to be the most popular gigs on Fiverr at this time. However, I did notice some poker coaches too!

Tax consulting

Many business owners need tax assistance – from freelancers to those with small businesses, paying tax is essential and this is something that isn’t taught. As a freelance writer, I often required help with paying taxes, so I know just how frustrating it can be. 

If you’re offering tax consulting on Fiverr, you’ll need to be a qualified accountant or tax professional since you’re providing financial advice. 

You can offer to assist with tax returns or give tax advice for a specific country. Providing any tax consulting gig is highly profitable so it’s a great way of making extra cash. 

Digital marketing advice

Do you know what a content marketing strategy is? Are you proficient in setting up social media ads? Then, providing digital marketing advice or consulting may be for you. 

Digital marketing covers a wide subject area, including market research, custom acquisition, and digital marketing campaigns. 

This type of service is normally provided via Zoom or Skype since it’s easy to connect with your client and discuss their goals. 

If you have experience or knowledge in digital marketing, you may also prefer to niche down and offer a custom service within a specific area of marketing instead. 

It’s a good idea to research your competitors on Fiverr to see how you can differentiate your offers. 

UGC content creator

A UGC content creator provides ‘user-generated content’ for brands and businesses via social media or video. This may involve filming product tutorials, reviews, or other types of related content. 

To be a successful UGC content creator, you’ll ideally need to have your own social media audience and understand what type of video content performs well on TikTok and Instagram. 

You’ll then record branded content for clients so they can use this on their own social channels, in video ads, or on their websites. 

If you have a large social audience, you can easily change $150+ for this gig. 

Audio clean-up/editing

One of Fiverr’s top skills is audio clean-up and editing. If you know how to edit audio, then this is a straightforward service that can land you multiple sales. 

This type of gig tends to be on the lower end of earnings. But, if you add upsells to your service, such as editing extra minutes, you can make more cash. 

Clients who require this type of work include podcasters, course creators, and musicians. 

Product photographer

One of the newest Fiverr low competition gigs is product photography. For this, all you’ll need is the client to post the product to you. You can then photograph it and send the image files digitally. 

This service is in-demand with Amazon store owners, dropshippers, e-commerce sellers, and local sellers. 

You can also offer your services to bloggers and website owners that need original and professional images to supplement their content. 

So, how much can you earn from a product photography gig on Fiverr? Sellers are earning a minimum of $100-$200 per product so there’s a lot of money to be made here. 

When you set up your gig, make sure you add portfolio images to capture the attention of buyers. 

Unique Fiverr gig ideas

There are plenty of unusual Fiverr gigs to consider, ranging from the amusing to the plain old weird. 

Here are a few unique gig ideas I’ve found:

  • Writing messages in the sky with an airplane
  • Creating a personalized rap song
  • Making a custom emoji for a pet
  • Prank calling a friend or relative of a client and pretending to be a celebrity
  • Creating a personalized ASMR video
  • Designing a custom tattoo
  • Teaching how to do a backflip
  • Recording a voiceover in a fictional language

How to find low competition gigs on Fiverr

If you want to find your own low competition Fiverr gigs, here are 5 steps to success. 

Niche down

Focus on a specific sub-niche or specialize in a particular service rather than opting for a broad category. You’ll have fewer competitors and be able to charge higher rates. 

Look at the number of gigs/sellers

When doing your own research, look at how many people are offering gigs in each subcategory. The fewer gigs, the less competition you’ll have, and the more opportunity to stand out in the crowd. 

Search for long-tail keywords

Look for long-tail keywords like ‘logo design for life coaches’ as this will help you to find Fiverr low competition gigs that match your skills and interests. 

Offer something unique

Unique services that have a lot of sales mean there’s more potential for high demand. By providing a similar gig, you can attract buyers who are searching for something specific. 

Monitor ‘Buyer Requests’ 

Available on desktop, this feature is when buyers put out a request for a specific service. Answering these with a well-written proposal can help you to land new clients and build your reputation as a professional seller. 

Make A Start With These Low Competition Fiverr Gigs Today

I hope these ideas for low competition Fiverr gigs give you inspiration for the services you can offer.

I always suggest doing your own research first to determine your pricing and how many competitors you have.

When launching your offers, be sure to check out my guide on how to write gig titles and promote your Fiverr services – these will help you to get the most out of the Fiverr platform!

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