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My Blog Plans for 2023 and Beyond!

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What are my blog plans for 2023 and beyond?  

As the year draws to a close, I’m starting to contemplate my niche website plans for the next 12 months. I’ll be honest, my original plans have changed somewhat – I didn’t even plan on writing this blog post, but I actually think it might be helpful to see how my niche websites fared in 2022, and what I’m going to do to drive growth (it’s also something I can look back on in the future to see what strategies worked, and what didn’t).

In this post, I’ll share:

  • A list of my current niche websites
  • My blog plans for each website in 2023 and beyond

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My blog plans for 2023: Niche website edition

Website #1: Lifestyle niche

I started building this niche website at the start of 2022, and it currently boasts around 50 posts. 

There were some initial problems as only half the posts published were indexed. I gradually became somewhat disillusioned due to this (and the fact that Adsense rejected it for monetization), but I’ve recently changed SEO plugins from Yoast to RankMath and it seemed to help. Quite a few posts are now starting to rank, and some of the other posts that were quickly indexed are ranking higher.

I think this site has a lot of potential, especially when it comes to selling digital products – I’ve got a few ideas for offers and upsells so it’s really a case of growing an audience. 

The only issue I currently have is whether to change the name of the website. I hate the name of it – it’s linked to one specific niche so it’s incredibly limiting. This is something I’m currently debating.

Other than that, my plan is to create lots more content for topical authority.

Once I’ve got around 100 posts published, I’ll reapply to Adsense, add digital products, and look at increasing social content too. 

The long-term plan is to eventually sell it, but this will likely be a few years down the line.

Website #2: Grow With Zoe (this website)

I didn’t really plan to write as much content as I have on Grow With Zoe. 

I’m really pleased with how the site is growing and it’s now monetized via Adsense. I only make enough to cover my hosting costs which I’m completely fine with right now. 

This site is very much a long-term, slow growth kinda site. As it’s attached to my name, it has a personal brand feel so I’m not intending to sell it. What plans do I have for it?…

Well, in 2023, my plan is to expand the niche. Writing about blogging and content is super competitive, so I’m aiming to branch out slightly on the topics I publish. 

Going forward, I’m considering creating more articles on remote working, work from home, side hustles, etc.  Those are still pretty competitive topics but there are a few more pockets of keywords I may be able to rank for. 

I’ll still publish some content on blogging and content but it won’t be the main focus of the site. 

Website #3: YMYL

My next website is in the ‘your money, your life’ niche which is typically very hard to rank for. I haven’t really done much with this blog but I have a few articles ranking on pages 2 and 3. 

I’m unsure as to what I’m going to do with this blog. For now, it’s being put on hold but I may pick it back up in the second half of 2023. 

Website #4: Lifestyle

This is currently the site I’m going all in on. I’ve currently written around 30 articles so I’m now waiting for them to start ranking. 

This is an expired domain and the content I’m creating has nothing to do with the original focus of the website. That could be risky but as it used to belong to a business, there wasn’t a lot of content on there. 

My plan is to create lots of content for this site – I’ve already done a lot of keyword research and there is a lot of potential. 

It’s also a niche that I’m passionate about so we’ll see how it goes. 

I’m hoping to monetize this site as quickly as I can, hire a few writers, and scale it if possible. 

This is a website I’d be looking to sell further down the line.

Website #5: Animals

This is in the ‘animal’ niche and is another expired domain. This time, the content is the same as the original niche. 

I’ve only done some initial keyword research for this and there is no website or any content yet – I only have the domain. 

My plan is to go on Wayback machine and reupload the previous owner’s content with all the original links. 

From there, I’ll start to add new content throughout the next 12 months. 

This is another long-term site. If I can start making more money with my other sites, I can bring a writer on for this one which will make growth much faster. 

I also plan on potentially opening an eCommerce store attached to this site, potentially with our own branded products – that’s the long-term goal but it may take a while for that to happen!

Website #6: Food

Another expired domain I own is in the food niche. Now, this has a lot of potential as it’s in a sub-niche or micro-niche related to food blogging. 

The only problem I have with this website is time limitations. I simply don’t have the time right now to focus on this website. However, I may look at bringing a writer at some point in 2023 just to get it going. 

Food blogging is super competitive but there are some juicy keywords I found in this sub-niche so I want to give it a go if I can. 

If it takes off, I can monetize this site with courses and ebooks, alongside display ads. 

Website #7: Zoe Wells

Finally, my branded website

As you can tell, there’s zero content on there as of right now. This was my freelance website and I planned on using it as a portfolio for my copywriting job. However, this year, I went back to working in-house so I’m now planning on creating some copywriting content for business owners and freelancers. 

This is going to be slow growth as I only plan on posting sporadically when I have time. I may also film some video content/tutorials for this site too. 

As it’s my name, I’ve owned this site for several years (in fact, I deleted some content that I posted – not good for SEO purposes). 

I plan on republishing this content alongside the original links before I add any other articles to the website. There are no monetization plans at present. I may create a few affiliate articles down the line but it’s not my priority at this point. 

Bonus website: Gaming niche

OK, so this is actually my boyfriend’s domain and I have no idea if he plans on doing anything with it as yet. 

It is a great name though and he has quite a bit of gaming knowledge so there is the potential to do something with it. 

Blogging predictions

To end the post, I thought I’d add a few of my own blogging predictions. 

What will happen in the blogging world in 2023? 

Here’s what I think is going to happen:

  • AI is going to get better – If you follow any SEO people on Twitter you may have seen threads on Open.AI and ChatGPT. People are raving about this AI model. Personally, I don’t see the hype. I do think AI is going to continually improve but I’ve yet to find an AI writer that goes beyond basic writing. AI can be great for ‘jumping off’ points but until a writer can create a 2000-word original article from scratch and understand human psychology, it’s not going to eliminate human interference.
  • Google is going to crack down on AI output – I don’t think Google can actually tell if AI content is just that (not unless the output is plagiarised content). However, I do think Google is going to start ranking ‘original’ content higher in serps. By that, I mean content that answers the search query but goes one step beyond – whether that’s including original imagery, data, opinions etc. This leads me to my next point…
  • Competition is going to get tougher – I do think people are going to create content at scale so there’s going to be more competition in the SERPS. For bloggers and content creators, that means we can’t simply just regurgitate what’s on the internet and slap up any old article. It means we’re going to need to add new angles to articles, add videos, and go one step beyond when publishing blog posts. I plan on going through all of the content on my sites and updating articles with unique data and adding original images rather than stock photos

Those are just a few blogging predictions for 2023. I’m sure there will be other trends, and SEO will still remain highly important for bloggers. 

I’ll be sure to post an update to my niche websites in a couple of months to reveal if I’m on track to meet my goals. 

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