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53 Outdoor Blog Post Ideas For All Websites

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Whether you have a travel, hiking, camping or lifestyle blog, you may be searching for outdoor blog post ideas to educate and entertain your readers. 

The great thing about outdoor blog post ideas is that they cover a wide variety of article types – you can use them to create extensive guides, write affiliate marketing content, or simply use them for informational purposes. 

Here, you’ll discover:

  • 53 best outdoor blog post ideas for all website niches
  • Where to find outdoor blog post ideas when you’re stuck for content

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53 Outdoor Blog Post Ideas 

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How to hike safely with kids

How to pack for a day hike

The best hiking boots for different terrain

Hiking trails in your area 

How to hike safely in bear country 

The best hiking socks for men 

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Urban hiking: exploring your city on foot

History hikes: exploring local history through hiking

Camping blog posts

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How to start a campfire

Easy recipes for camping trips

The best places to go fishing in [location]

Camping recipes for the whole family 

The best tents for camping 

How to choose the right sleeping bag for camping 

How to choose the right camping mattress 

How to set up a tent 

How to pack a cooler for camping 

The best camping spots in [location]

The best time of year to go camping in [location]

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General outdoor blog posts

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The best skateboarding parks in [location]

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Where To Find Outdoor Blog Post Ideas

The following tips will help you when to start generating some outdoor blog post ideas of your own. Follow these steps and use them when planning your content strategy. 

Determine current or future trends

Trends are an excellent source of ideas for outdoor blog posts. To use current or future trends, you need to know what topics are currently popular or are growing in interest. 

One way to do this is to search Google Trends. Use this website to help you with your search engine optimization. On Google Trends, you can see what people are searching for in Google. You can find recently trending topics, as well as those that are becoming more popular. 

Let’s say, I have a hiking blog. I can search for ‘hiking’ as a general topic and then view what related topics and queries are rising in interest:

I can then explore these ideas in more depth, looking at search volume in keyword research tools to determine if I could rank for them in search engines. 

A similar tool you can use is Exploding Topics. This is a paid tool but you can perform some searches for free – the pro version is aimed at people who want to get ahead of trends.  

Search on Reddit

Reddit is a good platform for learning what topics people currently want to know about. For instance, a search on the Camping Gear subreddit brings up questions that people have about sleeping bags, tents, and general camping products. 

This can provide some inspiration for individual product reviews or product guides if you have a camping section on your blog. 

Outdoor forums

Outdoor forums are perfect for researching topics. For this method, search for ‘your topic area’ + forum to see what results you find. 

For example, a search for hiking forum leads me to the Backpacking Light forum. Here, I can see different forum sections to find blog post inspiration:

A few more sources of inspiration for outdoor blog post ideas include:

  • Dedicated Facebook groups
  • Quora
  • Competitor websites 
  • Youtube 
  • Instagram and TikTok

I hope these outdoor blog post ideas are helpful when devising your website content plan.

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