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What To Wear With Brown Leggings: 5 Stylish Outfit Ideas

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Ever found yourself staring at your wardrobe, thinking to yourself “what should I wear with brown leggings?” Me too. 

After purchasing a pair of chocolate brown leggings and asking myself “what exactly do people wear leggings with?” I’ve come to the realisation that leggings are a versatile staple in every closet. 

Earth tones like brown are perfect for acting as a neutral canvas for building an outfit, whether you want to grab a quick coffee in town or go and pick up the kids from school. 

So, with that in mind, within this guide, I’m sharing what tops look best with leggings, what to wear brown leggings with for effortless style, and how to wear brown leggings during the summer and winter. 

First, let’s look at some outfit ideas. 

Stylish Outfit Ideas with Brown Leggings

What do you wear with brown leggings for every type of occasion? Here, I’ve got you covered with different outfit ideas that every pair of brown leggings will look incredible with. 

Comfy casual: pair with an oversized sweater and trainers

brown leggings

Pair your brown leggings with an oversized sweater and trainers for a casual, comfortable look that’s perfect for running errands or lounging at home. I personally love sweaters like Adanola or Sisters and Seekers but H&M and Zara offer more affordable versions. 

An oversized sweater feels like a warm hug on a chilly day – with comfy brown leggings hugging your legs; they’re the perfect companion, aren’t they? Throw on some classic trainers like Adidas Gazelles, and boom – you’re not just comfortable, you’ve got style without even trying.

For summer months, layering is key here – maybe add a little tank top underneath for those surprise sunbursts when it gets too warm. Mix it up with textures or go monochrome; you’ll look like you’ve stepped out of a laid-back Sunday mood board.

Remember, dressed down doesn’t mean dressed dull – let those earthy tones create a subdued yet chic palette for effortless style every time. 

Chic and sexy: wear with a blazer and heels

Brown leggings – Next

Transform those brown leggings from blah to wow by throwing on a sharp blazer. Choose a fitted one for that perfect silhouette or go oversized if you’re feeling fashion-forward. 

Think of it as corporate meets comfort but with an extra dash of sass. And don’t forget the heels – they’re like the cherry on top for this ensemble, giving you height and attitude with every step.

Pairing these leggings with heels can seriously up your game. Whether they are strappy heels or closed toe heels, these shoes make a statement: ‘I’ve got places to be, people to see, and I look fabulous doing it’.

This all comes together for a chic city look that you can wear at any time of year – although you may wish to wear a coat over the top in colder winter months. 

Edgy: style with a leather jacket and boots

Pair your brown leggings with a sexy leather jacket and rugged boots like Doc Martens for an edgy twist to your ensemble. The juxtaposition of the buttery soft leggings against the tough, structured lines of the jacket and boots creates a striking visual statement.

With this bold combination, you exude confidence and attitude effortlessly, making heads turn as you stroll down the street.

The edgy look is all about pushing boundaries and embracing a rebellious spirit. The leather jacket adds an element of toughness, while the boots bring an air of adventure to your outfit.

Athleisure: match with a crop top and trainers

Pair your brown leggings with a crop top and some stylish trainers for the ultimate athleisure look. The combination of comfortable yet fashionable pieces will have you ready for anything, whether it’s running errands or meeting up with friends for brunch – and it’s a look that’s all over Instagram so that’s when you know that it’s on trend. 

The cropped silhouette of the top adds a playful touch while the trainers keep the outfit casual and functional. With this outfit, you can effortlessly blend comfort with style, making it perfect for those active days when you want to look effortlessly put-together without sacrificing comfort.

Mixing brown leggings with a crop top and trainers creates an easy-going vibe that exudes confidence. Whether you’re hitting the gym or simply enjoying a relaxed day out, this athleisure look is both practical and chic, ensuring that you feel at ease while still looking on-trend.

In the colder months, simply add a hoodie and coat or bomber jacket for extra warmth!

Dressed up: team with a shirt and heels

Team your brown leggings with a blouse or shirt and heels for a little glamour. You may want to look for more loose styles of tops like those with a ruffle or extra volume. The combination of the fitted leggings with the billowy silhouette of the blouse creates a balanced look.

Add a pair of gorgeous heels to elevate the outfit, making it perfect for evening events or dinner dates.

A blouse adds a touch of femininity, while the heels elongate your legs, emphasising your figure. This strikes the perfect harmony between comfort and style, allowing you to feel relaxed while socialising.

How to Choose the Right Brown Leggings

Depending on the overall look you’re going for, you may want to choose a specific pair of brown leggings. Here are three steps to help you choose the best pair of leggings for your outfit. 

Consider the occasion and desired look

Choose your outfit based on the occasion and the style you want to achieve. When in doubt, think about what kind of vibe you want to exude – whether it’s athleisure with trainers or dressy with heels.

Experimenting with different tops and accessories can transform your brown leggings into diverse ensembles that suit various occasions—mix up textures and patterns while incorporating pops of colour for an added stylish flair.

Choose the right fit and fabric

Pick leggings that are snug but not suffocating. Opt for a stretchy fabric to ensure flexibility and comfort. Avoid fabrics prone to pilling or becoming see-through after a few washes, as they quickly lose their appeal – I always look at reviews on a website to gauge what the overall quality is like. 

Aim for a versatile length, such as ankle grazers or full-length leggings as these enable you to change your look effortlessly from casual to more polished.

When selecting the right fit and fabric, consider your body shape and personal style. But, if you’re wearing your leggings for workouts, then look for moisture-wicking fabric – trust me; sweaty brown leggings are never a good look!

Experiment with different styles

Get creative and experiment with styles of brown leggings to enhance your look. For example, opt for ankle grazer leggings for a casual and sporty vibe, or choose seamless ribbed leggings for a sleek, streamlined appearance.

You could also go for split leggings to add a touch of edginess to your outfit. There are also flared leggings which are perfect for pear shapes. 

What Colours Go With Brown Leggings?

So, now for the interesting part – colours. This is often what makes or breaks an outfit choice. 

Earthy tones

Pair your brown leggings with earthy tones like olive green, mustard yellow, or rust red to create a cohesive and harmonious look. These colours complement the warmth of brown and add depth to your outfit.

Jewel tones

For a bolder style, consider mixing in jewel-toned hues such as deep navy, rich burgundy, or emerald green for an eye-catching contrast that brings out the richness of your brown leggings.

Neutral tones

To brighten up your ensemble, incorporate lighter shades like cream, beige, or soft pink for a fresh and airy vibe. These neutral tones provide a balanced backdrop that allows your brown leggings to stand out while maintaining a subtle elegance.


Additionally, don’t be afraid to introduce patterns and prints into your outfit – think floral tops or striped sweaters – to add visual interest and personality without overwhelming the overall look.

Metallic accessories 

Accessorising with metallic accents such as gold jewellery or copper-hued scarves can also enhance the warm undertones of your brown leggings while providing a touch of sophistication.

Brown Leggings Style Advice: To Sum Up!

Remember, however you style your brown leggings, do so with personality and confidence. Fashion is all about having fun so don’t be afraid to experiment with different tops, accessories, textures and patterns. 

Whether you want to go for a neutral-toned outfit, or add a pop of colour, simply adding smaller accessories like jewellery or a scarf is a great way to start experimenting and create visual interest subtly.

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