Write a gig title for Fiverr that makes sales

Write A Gig Title for Fiverr That Gets Sales (With Examples)

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What’s a good gig title for Fiverr that will help to skyrocket your earnings and revenue?

Writing an SEO title for a Fiverr gig can be tricky – you need something that will help you to stand out from the crowd, but also accurately depict the services you’re offering. 

Luckily, I’ve got a few handy tips to write gig titles for Fiverr, making the process much easier!

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to write a Fiverr gig title
  • Why it’s important to create an eye-catching gig title for Fiverr
  • The best Fiverr gig title examples for various services, including web design, content writing, transcription, and more. 

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First, it’s helpful to know what a gig title is, and what it does. 

What Is A Gig Title?

A Fiverr gig title is a phrase that summarizes the services you offer, helping buyers to understand what they can expect. 

Your gig title should be concise, relevant, and keyword-rich to boost visibility in Fiverr search results and increase the potential of attracting the right customers. 

Why is a gig title for Fiverr important?

If you want to earn optimal revenue on Fiverr, having good gig titles are essential. Here’s why. 

  • Better visibility to help buyers find your gig
  • Entices people to click on your offer to learn more about your services
  • Easily describes what your gig is so there’s no confusion
  • Helps you to stand out from your competitors
  • Boosts your sales potential, especially when you start attracting the right buyers

How Do I Choose A Title on Fiverr?

If you’ve been wondering ‘how do I fill a gig title on Fiverr?’, then worry no more!

Choosing the right title for your Fiverr gigs can be overwhelming, so here are some of my top tips.

Side note – if you’re looking for help with gig descriptions, check out my Fiverr gig description guide with examples.

You’ll also find some of the best Fiverr gig title examples in the section below. 

Be specific

Make sure your title accurately states what you are offering. This makes it easier for potential buyers to find your gig when they are searching for a specific need. 

For example, if you’re offering blog posts, add your ideal client to your title. Here’s one for wedding blog posts:

Any buyer searching for wedding articles or blog posts will easily find this gig – it’s short, simple, yet effective. 

Use keywords

Relevant keywords in your title help your gig to appear in search results when buyers are looking for similar services.

Let’s say I’m a buyer that needs a logo for my cake business. When I search for cake logo design, these are the descriptions that pop up:

Notice how these descriptions mention keywords related to a cake business like ‘bakery’, ‘cupcake’, ‘sweet cake’, and ‘coffee’. 

When you’re writing your gig title, try to think of keywords that are associated with your gig – you can always check out your competition for some inspiration. 

On a separate note, I also like how the second title includes other services – if I was searching for a new logo, the likelihood is that I’m also going to need an updated menu and/or flyers so this is smart use of the gig title. 

Make it attention-grabbing

It can be difficult to grab attention when you’ve only got so many words to do it in. Your gig title length can be up to 80 characters so you need to use words wisely. 

However, there are some ways that you can make buyers want to click on your gig to learn more. 

One way is to showcase how you stand out or the value that you can provide. For instance, if I was looking for a YouTube influencer, this gig stands out to me immediately:

Here’s another example that catches your attention. You’re immediately drawn to this seller’s email marketing experience:

Another way to get people to click on your gig is to describe the style of your services. In this title, the seller compares their work to the style of well-known publications (only do this if you can match the style described):

Keep it short and sweet

Avoid using long, complicated titles. Stick to a straightforward title that is easy to read and understand. All titles begin with ‘I will’ and then your gig summary, so you could include:

  • Keywords for your niche/gig
  • Expertise
  • Turnaround time
  • Style of work/comparison
  • Extra add-ons/complementary upsell services

Use action words

Action words, such as ‘create,’ ‘design,’ or ‘write’ in your title make your services more appealing to buyers.

You could also try power words like ‘attractive’, ‘mind-blowing’, or ‘stunning’ to really pack a punch. 

Test different titles

Try experimenting with different titles to see which one resonates best with potential buyers. Use A/B testing to determine which title is most effective.

Fiverr Gig Title Examples

Now, let’s look at some Fiverr gig title examples for a range of services. 

It’s a good idea to use these as inspiration as your personal gig title will depend on your individual services. 

Best Fiverr gig title for web developer

Here are some gig titles for web development services. These include keywords that you can use. 

  • I will design a professional Shopify dropshipping website 
  • I will create a beautiful WordPress website for your blog
  • I will develop a premium Squarespace website
  • I will build a fast responsive WordPress Woocommerce store
  • I will design an attractive Elementor landing page

Best Fiverr gig title for transcription

Here are some examples you can use for your transcription gig titles. 

  • I will accurately transcribe your podcasts within 24 hours
  • I will perfectly transcribe your medical or legal recordings
  • I will provide fast transcription of your English audio
  • I will transcribe your French or German audio files
  • I will transcribe your audio into minutes or notes

Gig title examples for video editing

  • I will edit your wedding footage into a beautiful reel
  • I will edit your travel videos into compelling footage
  • I will add music and sound effect to your videos
  • I will provide fast editing of your brand’s social media ads
  • I will edit your YouTube videos for maximum audience retention

Attractive Fiverr gig title examples for a graphic designer

  • I will design a unique t-shirt for your POD store
  • I will create a custom logo for your beauty brand
  • I will create contemporary minimalist product packaging
  • I will do shipping box, mailer box, gift box design within 48 hours
  • I will create a professional business flyer design in 24 hours

Gig title example for content writing

  • I will create high-quality blog posts for your jewelry brand
  • I will write SEO-optimized content for your small business website
  • I will create informative product descriptions for eCommerce
  • I will write shareable social media posts for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook
  • I will write a 500 fashion blog post for your male style blog

Good Fiverr gig titles for copywriting

  • I will craft engaging copy for your SaaS marketing
  • I will create high-converting sale page copy for your course
  • I will write a powerful press release for your beauty brand
  • I will edit and proofread your business copy
  • I will do brand storytelling through unique business copy

Best Fiverr gig title examples for admin services

  • I will do professional calendar management and scheduling assistance
  • I will perform email management for your busy legal office
  • I will do reliable data collection for your local car wash business
  • I will provide expert administrative support for busy solo entrepreneurs
  • I will provide precise data analysis and insights for your company

Fiverr gig titles for data entry

  • I will provide expert Excel spreadsheet creation and management
  • I will do fast and reliable data processing for your small business
  • I will perform accurate online data entry and web research
  • I will provide mass data entry for large extensive business projects
  • I will do eCommerce product data entry for your online store

Fiverr gig title examples for logo design

  • I will create an eye-catching logo for your tech blog or business
  • I will provide exceptional high vector logo design for print or web
  • I will design a minimalist logo for your coffee tea brand shop
  • I will do affordable stylish logo design for your start-up
  • I will create a memorable logo for your local business

Fiverr gig title examples for translation

  • I will provide native-level translation with flawless results
  • I will accurately translate your documents from French to English
  • I will quickly translate your audio file within 24 hours
  • I will professionally translate your business marketing content
  • I will do legal and technical translation for your business

Attractive Fiverr gig titles for social media marketing

  • I will boost your social media presence with professional marketing
  • I will provide custom social media strategy for your ecom store
  • I will expertly handle your Facebook and Instagram ads
  • I will do successful LinkedIn marketing for your SaaS business
  • I will create a custom social media ad campaign for your online course

Best Fiverr gig titles for SEO

  • I will boost your website’s ranking with expert SEO services
  • I will perform keyword research for your business blog posts
  • I will create a custom SEO strategy for maximum visibility
  • I will perform a technical SEO audit for your website
  • I will build a link-building campaign for your online shop

Best Fiverr gig titles for virtual assistant services

  • I will provide reliable and efficient virtual assistance for your daily tasks
  • I will provide high-level virtual assistance with fast turnaround
  • I will do appointment setting and cold calls to gain business leads
  • I will be your German virtual assistant for your personal or business needs
  • I will be your expert virtual assistant for your Amazon or eBay business

What to avoid in your gig title for Fiverr

When writing your Fiverr gig title, there are a few things you need to avoid. 

These include:

  • Misleading information that could lead to negative reviews and/or a decrease in sales.
  • All caps or excessive punctuation which can make the title difficult to read.
  • Irrelevant keywords that are not related to your services.
  • Plagiarism (copying other gig titles, word for word). Not only is this unethical, but it may result in your gig being removed by Fiverr.

Use This Guide to Write The Best Gig Title For Fiverr

Now you know the best way to write a gig title for Fiverr, you can start improving your listings.

Creating a gig title for Fiverr requires thought and patience so don’t rush your listings – some gig titles work better for certain niches than others so test a few out to see what works for you.

Remember, keep your gig title for Fiverr regularly updated to boost your SEO rankings.

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