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13 Dark Academia Bedroom Ideas: Create the Perfect Sleep Haven

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If you’re looking to create a cozy and sophisticated bedroom, then a dark academia aesthetic might just be the perfect idea. 

This design trend is inspired by classic literature, art, and architecture, and it’s ideal for bedrooms of any size. 

In this guide, you’ll discover how to create a modern dark academia bedroom that’s both elegant and functional. Learn how to design the best space while getting inspiration from 13 beautiful dark academia bedroom ideas. 

Let’s delve into this sultry yet aesthetically pleasing trend. 

How to Make Your Room Dark Academia: 13 Bedroom Ideas

If you need some dark academia bedroom inspo when designing your room, take a look at the ideas below.

#1 Use vintage style furniture

Opt for antique or vintage style furniture in a dark academia bedroom. Look for wooden or dark pieces. Dark wood finishes, such as mahogany or cherry, work well in this style of bedroom. You may also want to consider adding a four-poster bed or a canopy bed to create a romantic feel.

#2 Choose soft lighting

Lighting is an important element in a dark academia bedroom to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Table lamps, floor lamps, and wall sconces are all great options to complement dark academia bedroom decor. You could also add a chandelier to create a dramatic focal point.

#3 Add texture

Textiles are another important element in a dark academia bedroom. Look for fabrics that are rich and luxurious, such as velvet, silk, and linen. Dark, moody colors like burgundy, navy, and forest green work well in this style of bedroom. You may also want to add some texture with a faux fur throw or a woven blanket.

#4 Decorate with books and artwork

Decorative items are what really bring a dark academia bedroom room decor to life. Look for items that are vintage or antique in style, such as old books, globes, and maps. You may also want to add some artwork like landscape paintings or vintage prints. This is a great way to enhance a small dark academia bedroom.

#5 Go for a dark color palette

The dominant colors on dark academia bedroom walls are typically dark and muted. Think deep greens, burgundy, navy blue, dark purple, and midnight blue. However, you could also opt for cream or two tone walls if you prefer a lighter option. 

Beige and forest green are also great options for dominant colors, as they add depth and warmth to the room. This dark green dark academia bedroom is gorgeous inspiration. 

#6 Add accent colors

While the dominant colors set the tone for the room, accent colors can add pops of interest and personality. Gold, red, and black are classic accent colors in a dark academia bedroom. 

Gold details add a touch of elegance and sophistication, while red and black add a bold and dramatic flair. You can also use green as an accent color to complement the dominant colors.

Too much of an accent color can overwhelm the room and detract from the overall atmosphere. Instead, use accent colors in small details, such as dark academia bedding, curtains, or mirrors. 

#7 Add bookshelves

To create a library-like feel in your bedroom, consider adding a bookshelf or two. Look for bookshelves with a vintage or antique look, such as those made from dark wood or with intricate carvings. You can find vintage dark academia bedroom furniture on places like Facebook Marketplace, or you could build bookshelves into your wall. 

#8 Incorporate art pieces

Art and sculptures are another great way to incorporate vintage and antique elements into your bedroom. Look for gothic or classical pieces, such as Greek statues or old oil paintings. Vintage frames can add an extra touch of character to your art pieces. Sculptures made from wood or stone can also add a sense of history and texture to your space.

#9 Use a vintage style desk or dresser

Antique furniture is a great way to add character to your dark academia bedroom. Look for pieces like a vintage desk or an antique dresser. A Persian rug can add a pop of color and texture to the space, while also tying together the vintage elements in the room.

When incorporating vintage and antique elements into your bedroom, try to strike a balance between old and new. You don’t want your space to feel like a museum, but rather a lived-in and cozy library. 

#10 Keep it cozy with soft blankets and bedding 

Textured bedding, such as a soft quilt or a chunky knit blanket, can add a cozy touch to your bed. Use pillows with different textures and patterns to add depth to your bedding. A rug with a plush, shaggy texture can also make your room feel more comfortable.

#11 Add seating

No comfortable reading nook is complete without a cozy armchair to provide a snug place to read or relax. Adding a soft throw blanket or a few decorative pillows makes your seating area even more comfortable.

#12 Create a study nook


If you’re someone who is studying, create a writing desk or study nook in your dark academia bedroom design. Choose a vintage or black desk with a vintage look and feel, and add a quill and ink set for a touch of authenticity. You can also display your favorite books on the desk or on a nearby bookshelf to inspire you while you work.

#13 Don’t be afraid to include music

If you’re a music lover, add a musical instrument to your dark academia bedroom. A vintage piano or guitar would be the perfect addition to your space. You can also display your favorite records on a nearby bookshelf for easy access.

Where to Find Dark Academia Bedroom Items

If you want to find pieces that are both moody and academic, with a touch of vintage charm, knowing where to find the best pieces is important. Here are some tips for finding the perfect dark academia items.

Antique stores

Antique stores are a great place to start your search for dark academia bedroom items. Look for pieces that are made of dark wood, such as dressers, nightstands, and desks. Vintage lamps with brass or bronze bases can also add a touch of elegance to your space. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different pieces for a unique look.

Online marketplaces

Online marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace and Etsy are also great resources. You can find everything from vintage bookends to antique rugs. 

When buying from online marketplaces, it’s important to factor in shipping costs and delivery times. 


How do I make my room look dark academia?

Make your room look dark academia by including elements, such as dark, moody colors, vintage or antique furniture, romantic and literary decor, and plenty of books. You can use a color scheme of deep, rich colors like navy blue, burgundy, or forest green. 

What are some DIY decor ideas for a dark academia bedroom?

DIY decor ideas for a dark academia bedroom include creating your own calligraphy art, making a vintage map wall hanging, or using old books as decor. You can also create a cozy atmosphere by adding fairy lights or candles to the room.

How can you create a cozy atmosphere in a dark academia bedroom?

To create a cozy atmosphere in a dark academia bedroom, you can add soft blankets and pillows, warm lighting, and incorporate natural elements like plants or flowers. You can also add personal touches like family photos or artwork to make the space feel more inviting and comfortable.

Start Creating Your Dark Academia Bedroom Today!

These beautiful dark academia bedrooms are more than just a trend; they are a reflection of a deep appreciation for knowledge, art, and the past. By incorporating elements like rich, earthy color palettes, vintage-inspired furniture, cozy lighting, and curated collections of books and artefacts, you can transform your bedroom into a gorgeous sanctuary.

So, let your imagination wander and create a space that speaks to your passions and interests. Be sure to use these dark academia bedroom ideas to fuel your creativity and give you inspiration to create a pretty space.

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