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Dark Academia Colleges UK: 12 Aesthetic Universities to Discover

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If you love the dark academia aesthetic, you’re in luck. The UK is home to some of the most beautiful and historic universities in the world, which are perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in the world of dark academia. 

These dark academia colleges are known for their gothic architecture, rich history, and prestigious academic programs, making them the ideal destination. As someone who has visited several universities in the UK, I can’t tell you enough how beautiful these buildings are. 

While I suggest looking into each college for their teaching standards and how well they deliver their courses, this guide on the best dark academia colleges in the UK will give you a starting point for your research.

Let’s delve into it. 

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12 Dark Academia Colleges and Universities

If you’re looking for a university with a dark academia vibe, then these UK colleges are for you. 

University of Oxford

Founded in the 12th century, the University of Oxford is one of the oldest universities in the world. It comprises 38 constituent colleges, each with its own history, architecture, and traditions. These colleges serve as smaller academic communities within the larger university with notable alumni including J.R.R. Tolkien, Oscar Wilde, Stephen Hawking, and Malala Yousafzai.

Oxford’s buildings boast a sense of timelessness and grandeur that feeds into the dark academia aesthetic. In particular, the Bodleian Library is a must-visit. The library’s Gothic architecture and impressive collection of rare books make it an enchanting place to explore.

University of Cambridge

Established in the 13th century, the University of Cambridge is another one of the best dark academia colleges in the UK. Comprising 31 individual colleges, their architecture is surrounded by Gothic spires, ancient libraries, and hidden courtyards. 

Cambridge itself is a beautiful place in England to visit for anyone who loves the dark academia aesthetic. Steeped in history and cultural heritage, the River Cam runs close by, winding through the city. Students can walk under ancient bridges and past the iconic colleges, where verdant gardens meet the river’s edge.

Durham University

Durham University is another UK university with a striking dark academia vibe. Located in the north of England, Durham is famous for its castle and cathedral, which were built in the 11th and 12th centuries. 

The university’s grand buildings, high ceilings, and nearby greenery make Durham one of the most beautiful places to study in England. If you’re interested in literature, philosophy, and the arts, then you may enjoy studying here. 

The cobbled streets of the city alongside theatre, ancient architecture, and nature trails complement its academic aesthetic. And while it’s a city, the university colleges are housed throughout so you’re only ever 45 minutes away from another part of the university. 

University College London

If you’re looking for a university in London with a dark academia aesthetic, consider University College London (UCL). UCL is one of the oldest universities in London, with a history that dates back to 1826. 

UCL’s architectural diversity, ranging from classical structures to sleek contemporary designs, mirrors the juxtaposition of history and innovation within its academic programs. Its location in the bustling capital provides the campus with a unique energy, while the adjacent British Museum offers a haven for intellectual exploration.

From the iconic Wilkins Building to the adjacent Bloomsbury Theatre and Grant Museum of Zoology, this beautiful city has everything to offer students from a wide range of courses. So, if you want to study in the heart of the UK, I’d definitely suggest checking this uni out.

University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh boasts a stunning campus with a rich history dating back to the 16th century. The Edinburgh Castle, perched atop Castle Rock, watches over the university and the city, encapsulating the blend of history and mystery that defines the academic setting.

In Edinburgh itself, which is a UNESCO City of Literature, there is an immersive environment for literary enthusiasts. From the Writer’s Museum to the vibrant cafes of the Old Town, the city’s rich literary history serves as a hub of inspiration for students. And the Royal Mile, with its cobbled streets and historic closes, offers glimpses into the past that align with the allure of dark academia. 

University of Glasgow

Another top choice for dark academia lovers is the University of Glasgow. The university’s main building, the Gilbert Scott building, has been a fixture of the city’s skyline since the 19th century, and The School of Law at Glasgow is one of the most respected law schools in the UK.

Elsewhere, the Hunterian Museum, located within the university, offers a collection of scientific, artistic, and historical artifacts that add to the historical aura, while the ancient stone walls of the college create an environment that harmonizes with the dark academia aesthetic.

Glasgow itself is a city that embraces both modernity and tradition. The West End, with its leafy avenues and Victorian townhouses, harbors hidden gems such as Ashton Lane, where cosy cafes and pubs are havens for intellectual discourse. 

Royal Holloway University

Nestled within the idyllic landscapes of Surrey, Royal Holloway University of London, exudes an air of scholarly elegance. Founded in the 19th century by philanthropist Thomas Holloway, this institution boasts a stunning campus characterized by its breathtaking Victorian architecture. 

The Founders Building, a masterpiece of Gothic revival design, serves as the university’s iconic centerpiece, embodying the dark academia aesthetic, while the on-campus Picture Gallery showcases an impressive collection of artworks, adding a cultural dimension to the academic experience. 

Within lecture halls and libraries, students are surrounded by stained glass windows, oak paneling, and an atmosphere that echoes the beautiful dark academia vibe.

University of St Andrews

Located amongst the rugged coastline of Fife, Scotland, the University of St Andrews stands out as one of the most impressive dark academia colleges. 

Founded in the 15th century, it proudly bears the title of being Scotland’s oldest university, with its medieval architecture and maritime atmosphere contributing to the captivating allure of the dark academia aesthetic.

The university’s iconic St Salvator’s Quadrangle, adorned with cobbled courtyards and imposing stone buildings, captures the essence of centuries-old learning. And if you’re searching for picturesque beauty beyond the walls of the university, then the town of St Andrews puts it firmly on the map. 

The iconic Swilcan Bridge on the Old Course of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club offers an air of tradition and nostalgia, adding to the town’s allure. Furthermore, the lush greenery that surrounds the university away from the coastline is the perfect place for academic reading.

Keele University

Within the Staffordshire countryside is Keele University – a 20th century institution that spans over 600 acres of woodlands, lakes, and greenery, providing an idyllic setting for any keen student. 

If you’re searching for somewhere a little more modern, this college may be for you. With its contemporary facilities, including the landmark Keele Hall, Keele University encapsulates academic growth and the peaceful embrace of nature.

The campus itself boasts serene walking paths, gorgeous lakes, and open spaces that offer a calming backdrop for academic endeavors –  students can immerse themselves in the pursuit of knowledge while being nourished by the embrace of nature.

King’s College London

Alongside the River Thames stands King’s College London. Founded in 1829, it boasts a rich academic heritage, with a campus dotted by iconic structures like the Strand Campus and the Somerset House East Wing. 

The Bush House, a historic building converted into a modern learning hub, symbolizes King’s College London’s ability to blend tradition with innovation, while the lecture halls, research centers, and state-of-the-art labs aid students’ learning. 

With its central location in the heart of London, the university is also a gateway to cultural vibrancy with close proximity to world-renowned museums, theaters, and historic landmarks, such as the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey. 

University of Manchester

The University of Manchester boasts the enigmatic allure of dark academia. Established in 1824, its history is intertwined with industrial innovation and social progress. The campus has historic red-brick buildings and modern structures, creating an atmosphere that blends old buildings with contemporary life.

The John Rylands Library houses rare manuscripts and ancient texts, while the historic Sackville Street Building provides modern facilities like the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons. 

As someone who lives in Manchester, I can tell you that the city is bursting with cultural vibrancy, music, and art. There are some gorgeous hidden cafes and coffee spots, as well as art galleries and the Manchester Museum. 

If you’re looking to experience modern learning alongside some alluring dark academia aspects, then this university may be perfect for you. 

Aberystwyth University, Wales

Situated on the rugged Welsh coastline, Aberystwyth University is set against the breathtaking backdrop of nature’s beauty. Founded in 1872, students can engage in a wide array of courses while being enveloped by the serene landscapes of Wales.

Aberystwyth’s location is a defining feature of the university, with its campus nestled between lush hills and the Irish Sea. The imposing Old College, with its Victorian architecture, and the modern Hugh Owen Library fuse historical legacy and contemporary learning. 

Students also have the opportunity to learn and communicate in both English and Welsh, reflecting the diversity of Welsh culture. Outside of the university, The National Library of Wales, houses a treasure trove of historic manuscripts, art, and literature; ideal for those who seek knowledge through formal education and cultural wonders that Wales has to offer.


Is Oxford dark academia?

Yes, Oxford University is often associated with the dark academia aesthetic. Oxford University’s historic architecture, centuries-old libraries, and beautiful halls evoke a sense of timeless knowledge that dark academia lovers are drawn to. 

What are some dark academia majors?

Any field of study can be pursued within the dark academia aesthetic, but some majors that align particularly well with its themes include ancient history, English literature, philosophy, art history, and law.

What is the most dark academia city in the UK?

Edinburgh often stands out as the most dark academia city in the UK, thanks to its historical charm and architecture, rich literary heritage, and romantic atmosphere. 

The Best Dark Academia Colleges in UK: To Sum Up

From Oxford and Cambridge to Durham and Edinburgh, the dark academia colleges and universities in this guide are some of the most prestigious learning institutions in the UK. 

The long history, astounding buildings, and rich traditions of these schools make them a good place to learn and explore.

But remember that dark academia is more than just university – it’s a way of exploration and continual learning. So, whether you love dark academia, or simply want to know more about some of the best universities in the UK, this guide is an excellent starting point to think more deeply about your further education. 

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