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160 Brunch Captions, Puns and Sayings To Document Your Food Adventures

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Brunch is the perfect blend of breakfast and lunch, especially for someone who prefers to avoid a hearty meal when they first wake up. 

As a brunch lover, I love nothing more than a cup of coffee and avocado toast. Plus, there’s no better way to document a brilliant brunch experience than by sharing it on Instagram with a witty and engaging caption? 

In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • The best brunch captions for Instagram, including funny, clever, and brunch date captions
  • Brunch picture captions for bottomless brunches, weekend brunches, and birthday brunches
  • Brunch puns and sayings for Instagram to captivate your audience
  • Brunch hashtags to use with your creative brunch post captions

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The Best Brunch Captions 

Here are the best brunch captions to elevate your content. Get inspired or simply copy them as they are written – the choice is yours!

Short brunch captions

  • Brunchin’ 
  • Rise and grind… for brunch! 
  • Holy crepe, this is delicious! 
  • Sunday Funday! 
  • Life is short, brunch longer. 
  • Brunch is always a good idea. 
  • Just add brunch. 
  • Keep calm and brunch on. 
  • Brunch vibes only. 
  • Breakfast without champagne is just a sad breakfast.

Funny brunch captions for Instagram

  • Brunch: because sometimes one meal just isn’t enough.
  • Let’s avocuddle and eat brunch.
  • Brunch without booze is just a sad breakfast.
  • I have a brunch of problems, but this food ain’t one.
  • Brunch: the socially acceptable excuse for day drinking.
  • Brunch, please don’t go. I’ll eat you up, I love you so.
  • Just a bunch of brunch bunches.
  • Brunch, brunch, baby.
  • Mimosas made me do it.
  • Brunch: the most important meal of the weekend.

Cute brunch captions

  • Brunch is a hug in a meal.
  • All you need is love and brunch.
  • You’re the avocado to my toast.
  • Brunch is my love language.
  • I love you a brunch!
  • Brunch is the cherry on top of my weekend.
  • You’re the syrup to my pancakes.
  • Brunch: a delicious excuse to catch up with friends.
  • Brunch and I are like besties. 
  • You had me at “let’s do brunch.”

Clever brunch captions

  • Waffle lot of love for brunch!
  • Brunch, the only alarm clock worth waking up for.
  • Brunch: where eggs meet opportunity.
  • There has never been a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food 
  • Brunch is not a meal, it’s a lifestyle.
  • Brunch is just breakfast without an alarm.
  • Brunch: the perfect combination of sweet, savory, and champagne.
  • You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy brunch, and that’s pretty close.
  • Life is short, eat the brunch.
  • Brunch, because sometimes lunch and breakfast just don’t cut it.

Bottomless brunch captions

  • I don’t always drink bottomless mimosas, but when I do, I prefer brunch.
  • Keep calm and bottomless brunch on.
  • Sunday funday just got bottomless.
  • When life gives you bottomless mimosas, you make a toast.
  • Why limit happy to an hour?
  • Brunch without bottomless drinks is just breakfast.
  • Cheers to bottomless brunch and endless fun!
  • It’s not brunch without a bottomless drink option.
  • I didn’t choose the bottomless brunch life, the bottomless brunch life chose me.
  • Bottomless brunch: the only way to survive a Sunday morning.

Saturday brunch captions

  • Brunch on Saturdays just hits different.
  • Because Saturdays are made for brunching.
  • Rise and shine, it’s time for Saturday brunch!
  • Brunch is always a good idea, especially on Saturdays.
  • Saturdays are for mimosas and brunch with the squad.
  • There’s no such thing as too much brunch on a Saturday.
  • Weekend calories don’t count, especially during Saturday brunch.
  • Saturdays are for brunch and good vibes only.
  • Brunch on a Saturday is a little slice of heaven.
  • Cheers to the weekend, and the best meal of the day: brunch!

Sunday brunch captions for Instagram

  • Sundays are for brunch and good company.
  • Brunch is the best way to end the weekend.
  • Sunday Funday just got tastier with brunch.
  • Sunday brunch: the ultimate cure for the Sunday scaries.
  • There’s no better way to start a lazy Sunday than with brunch.
  • Nothing beats a lazy Sunday brunch with friends.
  • Brunch: the perfect excuse to extend the weekend just a little bit longer.
  • If Sunday is the day of rest, then brunch is the meal of indulgence.
  • There’s no problem that can’t be solved with a mimosa and a good brunch.
  • Sundays are made for brunch and Instagram-worthy food pics.

Weekend brunch captions

  • Brunch is the perfect way to kick off a weekend of fun.
  • Weekends are for brunching and relaxing.
  • The weekend just isn’t complete without a delicious brunch.
  • Brunch: the ultimate weekend indulgence.
  • The best part about the weekend? Brunch, of course.
  • Brunch is the perfect excuse to take it slow on the weekend.
  • Here’s to lazy weekends, good friends, and even better brunches.
  • Brunching on the weekend is a lifestyle, not a meal.
  • Weekend brunch: the meal that brings everyone together.
  • Nothing beats a lazy weekend morning filled with delicious brunch food and good company.

Brunch date captions

  • Brunch with you is the best date.
  • Nothing beats a brunch date with someone special.
  • Here’s to brunch dates and bottomless mimosas.
  • Brunch date: the perfect mix of breakfast and romance.
  • You had me hooked at “let’s go to brunch.”
  • Brunch dates: because sometimes coffee just isn’t enough.
  • Brunching with you is my favorite weekend activity.
  • My favorite kind of date? A brunch date, of course.
  • Brunch date goals: great food, great company, and lots of laughs.
  • When we brunch together, it feels like the weekend never has to end.

Brunch captions with friends

  • Brunch with my favorites.
  • Brunch squad goals.
  • Brunching with my besties.
  • You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy brunch with friends.
  • Here’s to bottomless mimosas and endless laughs with friends.
  • Brunch with friends is always a good idea.
  • Friends who brunch together, stay together.
  • Brunch dates? More like brunch with mates!
  • Life is too short to brunch alone – let’s do this, friends!
  • Brunch isn’t complete without good friends and great conversation.

Brunch with sister captions

  • Brunching with my favorite sister.
  • Brunch dates are always better with my sister.
  • Here’s to bottomless mimosas and sisterly love.
  • Sisters who brunch together, stay together.
  • Brunch with my sister is always a good idea.
  • Brunching with the best sister in the world!
  • Life is too short to brunch alone – especially when you have a sister to share it with.
  • Brunch is just breakfast without my sister.
  • Brunch dates? More like brunch with my sister!
  • There’s nothing better than a lazy Sunday brunch with my sister by my side.

Brunch outfit captions

  • Brunch outfit on point.
  • Brunch vibes in full effect.
  • Here’s to brunch, and dressing up for the occasion.
  • Nothing beats a brunch outfit that’s both comfy and stylish.
  • Brunch is the perfect excuse to wear your Sunday best.
  • Sunday mornings call for brunch outfits that are cute and comfortable.
  • Brunch attire: casual chic.
  • Let’s brunch and dress to impress!
  • A great brunch outfit can turn a lazy Sunday into a fashion statement.
  • Brunch outfits are like mimosas – they make everything better.

Birthday brunch captions

  • Brunching my way into another year of life.
  • Cheers to another year of bottomless mimosas and birthday brunches!
  • Birthday brunch: because cake for breakfast is totally acceptable.
  • Brunch is the perfect way to celebrate another trip around the sun.
  • Here’s to birthday brunches and new beginnings.
  • Birthday brunches are the best way to start the celebration.
  • Life is too short to skip birthday brunches.
  • Brunching with the birthday babe!
  • Brunch, balloons, and birthday wishes.
  • A birthday brunch is the perfect excuse to indulge and celebrate.

Brunch captions for restaurants

  • Brunch at [restaurant name], because breakfast should always be a celebration.
  • Brunching at the best restaurant in town.
  • [Restaurant name]: where brunch dreams come true.
  • You had me at brunch, [restaurant name].
  • This [restaurant name] brunch is worth waking up for.
  • Brunch so good, you’ll want to come back for dinner.
  • Brunching like royalty at [restaurant name].
  • [Restaurant name]: where the food is as delicious as the brunch cocktails.
  • Brunch goals achieved at [restaurant name].
  • [Restaurant name]: serving up the most Instagram-worthy brunch dishes.

Brunch puns

  • Let’s get egg-cited for brunch!
  • Rise and grind for brunch!
  • Don’t go bacon my heart, I couldn’t brunch without you.
  • You’re the jam to my toast at brunch.
  • I’m on a roll with this brunch.
  • Let’s hash it out over brunch.
  • You can’t brunch happiness, but you can brunch pancakes!
  • Let’s get this bread…at brunch!
  • Let’s give ’em something to taco ’bout at brunch.
  • Brunch: the most important meal of the dai-sy.

Brunch sayings

  • Brunch and be merry!
  • Keep calm and brunch on.
  • Brunch like you mean it.
  • Brunch is a state of mind.
  • Brunch: the perfect blend of sweet and savory.
  • Life is short, brunch longer.
  • Brunch, because sometimes one meal just isn’t enough.
  • Brunch: where breakfast and lunch collide in deliciousness.
  • Brunch, the meal that bridges the gap between morning and afternoon.
  • Brunch: the only meal that makes day drinking socially acceptable.

Brunch Hashtags for your Instagram Posts

Here are some brunch hashtags for your Instagram posts. Use a mix of these to help grow your Instagram account. 





















Use These Brunch Captions Today!

Brunch isn’t just a meal – it’s a wonderful way of life. Whether you’re brunching with friends, going on a brunch date, or simply enjoying a lazy Sunday morning, a good caption can make all the difference in capturing this cozy moment. 

From clever puns to cute sayings, these brunch captions are sure to elevate your Instagram game and make your followers’ mouths water. So, the next time you find yourself indulging in a delicious plate of pancakes or sipping on a bottomless mimosa, don’t forget to pair it with a brunch caption that’s just as enjoyable. Happy brunching!

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