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31 Untapped Blog Niches 2023: Steal My Keyword Research

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What are some of the best untapped blog niches to use in 2023?

I’ll admit, I spend way too much time searching for micro niche blog ideas, even though I’m already in the process of building several websites. 

The good news for you is that you can steal my keyword research and untapped niches for 2023. Yes, I’m giving you these untapped niches for free – simply because I think these are awesome niche ideas and I don’t want them to go to waste!

In this blog post, you’ll find:

  • The very best untapped blog niches 2023
  • Data on each trend and some keyword research you can use – the data trends are for a US audience while the keyword research is for all countries

A little heads up – I use Keysearch for my keyword research. You can get 20% OFF your first month with the code KSDISC. 

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The Best Untapped Blog Niches 2023

3D printing

3D printing is a niche that’s exploded in popularity over the last decade. In addition to large scale production, there are also 3D printers for the home, making this a worthwhile niche to get into. 

3d printing

Over the last 5 years, data from Treendly shows that this niche is holding steady. Plus, from my keyword research, there is still some potential for competitive keywords within the area of 3D printing.

How to monetize this niche:

If I went into this niche, I would start writing informational content on different aspects of 3D printing, as well as affiliate articles for 3D printers. 

There’s also the opportunity for creating digital products, such as ebooks and courses for those who want to get into 3D printing. 

Electric scooters

Electric scooters are definitely on the rise – I’m seeing more and more people use them in the UK, so I’m going to guess that these are probably becoming more popular in other countries too. 

Data from Treendly.

Let’s look at some keyword research in this untapped niche. 

Damn, look at all that potential – maybe I should start a website in this niche after all. Seriously though, this is a really good blog niche if you’re looking for something with low competition. 

How to monetize this niche:

Affiliate revenue will be the main income driver in this niche so create a range of informational and transactional content – use affiliate links as you’re growing your traffic. Once you’ve got enough traffic coming to your website, then add display ads for extra income. 

Air fryers

Air fryers seem to be everywhere right now. Maybe, that’s due to my Ninja Foodie purchase (seriously, their air fryers are so good!). But, with energy prices soaring in many parts of the world, people are turning to air fryers to save electric (they cook food far quicker than a conventional oven). 

As you can tell from the Treendly data, there are a lot of seasonal highs and lows in this niche. However, I still think it’s an untapped niche worth pursuing. 

With this niche, you really need to be focusing on air fryer recipes. Let’s look at some keyword research data:

Look at those search volumes! Obviously, you would need to analyze the SERPS (search engine results pages) to see what’s ranking, but there is some brilliant potential in this niche. 

How to monetize this niche:

In addition to creating recipes, you could also write buyer guides and use affiliate links within them.

This niche is also ideal for digital products, such as recipe ebooks, cooking workshops, or courses. 

Dog houses

Pets are a huge blog niche and extremely competitive. However, narrowing your focus can provide some excellent micro niche blog ideas. Dog houses, for example, are something that you could specialize in as you grow your website.

This niche has stability over the last 5 years, and there are a lot of topics you could write about – indoor and outdoor dog houses, product reviews, how to build your own dog house, upcycling dog houses, and accessories to go in dog houses. 

How to monetize this niche:

Affiliate links and display ads. You could also sell a guide on how to create your own dog house or set up an eCommerce store linked to your blog that sells dog accessories. 


The Metaverse or the virtual internet is tipped to be the next big thing. Personally, I think it could go either way but if you want to hedge your bets, this could be a great untapped blog niche.

As you can see, this niche has really taken off in the past year. Here’s some keyword research to tempt you:

How to make money in this niche:

Creating informational content, such as guides, news, and trends could earn you money via display ads. You could also partner with Metaverse companies on sponsored content or affiliate programs. 


Eco-friendly issues have become more newsworthy over the last decade. With climate issues and problems with fast fashion creating ripples around the world, this could be a great niche to blog about. 

The search term ‘eco-friendly’ has held steady over the past 5 years. In this micro blog niche, you could create guides on varying sustainability issues, or you could narrow your focus to one specific topic like fashion or beauty. 

How to monetize this niche:

For this niche, you could create both informational and transactional affiliate content. You could also create ebooks, templates, and courses on upcycling, making your own clothes, beauty products etc. 

Sugar free recipes

Food is a competitive niche but opting to write about sugar free recipes may make a great website in 2023. Many food trends like Atkins and Keto which feature low-sugar foods have led to increasing demand in this area.

Here’s some Treendly data for the search term ‘Stevia’ – a sugar substitute. 

There are also some competitive keywords in this niche that you could potentially rank for:

If you enjoy cooking, or you have the budget to pay for writers, then this could be a great niche for you.

How to monetize this niche:

Recipe content can be monetized via ads. You can also create informational guides too. Selling ebooks or courses would be an additional income stream. 

Alcohol free

Since going alcohol-free, I’ve noticed an increasing number of brands offering options for those of us who prefer to stay sober. This is one of the best untapped niches in food and drink as it’s still growing in popularity (honestly, I’m astounded at how nice some alcohol-free beverages are!). 

There may be some slight seasonality in this niche, with increasing search volumes during summer and winter – these tend to be when more events are held so people may naturally be searching for alcohol-free options around these times. 

As sales of no/low alcohol drinks are expected to increase by 31% by 2024, this is a great niche for bloggers.

How to monetize this niche:

Recipe content and guides could bring in revenue via display ads. You could also contact brands for sponsored content. Ebook recipe guides and mocktail workshops would create additional income. 

Niche perfume 

Now, here’s a topic that I’ve seen trending on Instagram and YouTube – niche perfumes. For me, this is one of the best untapped niches, and one that I’d planned to start a blog in but I simply don’t have the time. 

Let’s look at some data from Google Trends over the last 12 months:

It seems to be holding some steady interest. The keyword potential in this blog niche is insane. 

Doing some brand keyword research is key here – you’ll probably find a lot of untapped potential. 

How to monetize this niche:

Display ads and affiliate marketing with buyer guides, brand guides, and individual product reviews. Further down the line, you could also create your own eCommerce store. 

Indoor gardening

Indoor gardens like balcony gardens and indoor greenery got a boost of popularity during the pandemic, especially since people wanted to create a serene space in the comfort of their home. 

Indoor gardening is still a relatively untapped blog niche – there will be season trends where a dip will be likely in winter. However, you could focus on Christmas trees or holiday wreaths during this period to prevent a decline in blog traffic. 

Let’s see what keywords with low competition could be targeted in this niche. 

There’s SO much potential for making money in this blog niche. 

How to monetize this niche:

Display ads, affiliate revenue, ebooks, courses, and online workshops. You could also set up an eCommerce store or even start your own Amazon FBA brand. 

Artificial intelligence

AI can be seen across a wide spectrum of industries, including manufacturing, in the workplace, in homes, and online. As this is a broad niche, you could focus on one specific segment, or you could start a blog dedicated to news and trends. 

There’s definitely consistent interest in this niche, and it’s not something that will be going away anytime soon. 

Here are some potential keywords you could target:

If you go into this niche, then specializing in one area would likely help you to find more keywords with less competition. 

How to monetize this niche:

Create informational guides and affiliate content. Use display ads once you have enough traffic. You could also partner with AI companies on sponsored content. 


DIY is a broad niche, but it’s less competitive than some other areas as creating content can be more time-consuming. After all, if you’re planning on doing tutorials, then that can take a lot of resources. 

This is one of the best untapped blog niches in my opinion – there’s a lot of potential for monetization, especially with brand deals and creating your own products. 

Let’s look at the trend data for DIY:

It naturally spiked in popularity during the pandemic, but there’s still a lot of interest here. With the economic climate looking bleak, I’d predict that a lot of people may turn to DIY to save money – this could be a great opportunity for bloggers!

DIY is a broad term so focusing on one area would be beneficial for blogging. Here are some keyword research terms for DIY home storage:

How to monetize this niche:

Display advertising and affiliate marketing. You could also create your own templates, ebooks, courses, and workshops. If you’re planning on making tutorials, make sure you film them for YouTube as this would bring in an additional income stream for ads and brand deals. 

Retro foods

Retro foods are on the comeback. In fact, they were named one of Whole Foods’ top trends for 2023. If you love cooking, this could be a great niche to start a blog in. 

As you can see from the last 12 months, we’re now starting to get more interest – the only concern here is whether it will be a fad that peaks and declines quickly. 

Some keywords are fairly competitive so looking at individual brands or recipes is probably the way to go if you’re thinking about getting into this niche:

How to monetize this niche:

Building up website traffic via informational and recipe posts means you could monetize it with display ads. You could also create your own ebooks or start your own eCommerce store featuring retro foods. 


Crafting is one of the best untapped niches since you really need to know what you’re talking about. Macrame is one craft that I’ve noticed has become more widespread in the last few years. 

There appears to be a healthy interest in this topic so let’s look at some keywords you could target:

This is a niche that will have trending designs and items so keeping on top of these is a must! If you’re good at macrame, there is a lot of potential for selling courses and digital products

How to monetize this niche:

Alongside digital products, you could also teach virtual workshops, partner with brands, and even sell your own macrame tools. Any content you write could be monetized with display ads and affiliate links too. 

Smart homes

A quick browse on Amazon will reveal an astounding number of smart gadgets for the home. That’s what makes this a great micro blog niche. 

While there are peaks and troughs in the search data, I think this is a valuable niche since there are so many different angles you could explore. For instance, you could concentrate on smart kitchen gadgets or home security. 

Here are some competitive keywords in this niche:

Creating informational guides, brand buyer guides, and product reviews would work well in this niche.

How to monetize this niche:

Via display ads and affiliate links. You could also start an eCommerce store. 

Vintage cars

Now onto something that’s the complete opposite of smart technology – vintage cars. 

Vintage cars are definitely having a moment – both with collectors and those who are aiming to save money by purchasing a solid car. 

In 2024, the global classic car market is predicted to be worth around $43.37 billion.

Here is the search data:

Here are some keywords for this niche:

How to monetize this niche:

Display ads and affiliate marketing is the way forward in this niche. However, if you have the knowledge, you could sell paid virtual workshops on car restoration. 


Gambling is an interesting niche since many companies can’t use paid ads to sell their services. That means there is an opportunity for building brand relationships. 

Poker is just one gambling micro niche you could target. Online poker, including live poker events and poker streaming, is tipped to define the industry in 2023.

There is steady search interest over 5 years – I also predict that with the economy being bad in many parts of the world, more people will look for online opportunities to make money so this could boost the interest in online gambling. 

Here are some keywords:

How to monetize this niche:

Affiliate marketing and brand deals are two popular income streams in the gambling niche. You could create user guides for well-known online casinos, playing guides with affiliate links, as well as look for sponsored content opportunities with brands. 


Cosplay involves dressing up as characters or concepts – the global cosplay costumes market is tipped to be over $23,008 million by 2030 and it’s a hobby that is popular amongst adults and teens. 

Here is the trend data on the search term:

Although there are slight peaks and dips, it’s generally a consistent search term. If you were to enter this blog niche, here are some keywords you could use:

If I were in this niche, I’d consider writing about trends, ideas, and events. You could also do store reviews too.

How to monetize this niche:

Display ads and affiliate revenue would work well in this niche. Once you’re established, you could host your own events – both in person and virtual, as well as open your own eCommerce store selling costumes. 


Anime or Japanese animation is popular all over the world. Around 72 percent of US people are said to watch anime regularly. This could be a great niche to blog in, especially as there is a lot to cover – from TV shows to production techniques. 

With 1.5 million searches per month, there is fantastic potential for a website in this niche. The search volumes for these keywords are insanely high:

How to monetize this niche:

If you’re writing about news and TV shows, you could make money via display ads. There may also be the opportunity to partner with anime brands on sponsored content. Additionally, you could set up your own merch store selling anime clothing. 

K beauty

Korean beauty products and trends have filtered through to western countries in the last few years. The market is predicted to reach almost $14 billion by 2027. 

Here is the search data on k beauty:

While this niche tends to be very skincare focused, you could also create content about emerging Korean makeup trends. 

Here are some keywords you could target:

How to monetize this niche:

Create informational and affiliate content, such as buyer guides. You could also open your own eCommerce store selling imported k beauty products. 


Sneaker collecting is something that my other half used to be into so I know first-hand how this can become a hobby. 

Some sneakers are considered an investment purchase, particularly those that are rare or limited editions. 

Here is the trend data:

So, what keywords could you go after? Here is one with low competition which you could create a guide on:

How to monetize this niche:

Create buyer and brand guides containing affiliate links. You could also write about news and trends. Once you’ve attracted some good traffic, join an ad network to start making money with display ads. 

Board games

Board games is one of the best untapped niches for evergreen content since you can write about general board games and backyard games, which tend to be more popular in summer. 

As you can see, board games generally get less interest during the summer months when people spend more time outdoors – backyard games is a great way to keep readers coming back during this period. 

Here are some keywords for both traditional board games and backyard games:

How to monetize this niche:

Create user guides and monetize with affiliate links and display ads. You could also start your own store selling games and get brand deals for sponsored content. If you’re writing about a specific game like chess, you could start an online membership.

Climate tech

An untapped niche that’s emerging is climate technology. Climate tech focuses on products and startups that aim to reduce greenhouse gases. 

Although it doesn’t look seem like this would be a sought-after niche, I’m confident that this is one of those emerging trends that will grow in popularity over the coming years. Many news organizations are reporting on this topic so there’s an opportunity to get ahead of the crowd and make a name for yourself in this niche. 

Here are some potential climate tech keywords:

How to monetize this niche:

This niche may be slightly more difficult to monetize so I would start with building traffic for display ads. Once you’re more established in this niche, you could book speaking gigs as these can be very lucrative. 

Smart health

Smart health is another emerging niche. With this topic, you can already spot the potential for monetization as there are several products on Amazon, including smart health watches, blood pressure monitors, and sleep sensors. 

The smart health product market is expected to reach $503.6 billion by 2028 so this could be highly beneficial for affiliate marketing. 

There’s steady interest over the past 12 months and there are good opportunities for keywords in this niche:

Doing some keyword research on individual products and trends within the smart health niche will help you to find the best keyword opportunities. 

How to monetize this niche:

Create informational content on general smart health, such as why you should track your fitness. Add buyer guides for different brands and add your affiliate links. Once you have traffic, monetize with display ads and look for sponsored content opportunities. 

In the future, you could look into private labeling a smart health product and selling it on your own store, as well as Amazon. 


Montessori is an education method that uses hands-on learning and active play instead of traditional teaching techniques. If you have some knowledge of Montessori education, this would be a great blogging niche, especially as you can monetize your website with learning resources. 

Here is the keyword research data I’ve found in this niche:

You could create a wide variety of content in the Montessori niche, including schools within a particular area, teaching guides, learning resources, and more.

How to monetize this niche:

Initially, you could monetize with Google Adsense. Once you’ve built up some traffic, you could sell your own digital downloads, courses, and online workshops. 


I don’t know much about Pickleball but I do know that it’s the fastest growing sport in the US. That means there is a lot of untapped potential here. 

Even in the last 12 months, you can see a gradual increase in interest. As it’s still growing, I’m guessing there are a lot of low competition keywords you could target:

Those are some juicy keywords you could use in your content. You could opt for writing playing guides, buyer guides, product reviews, and news articles. 

How to monetize this niche:

Display ads, affiliate marketing, and digital products – as this is a growing area of interest, I think this would be the perfect niche for digital guides since a lot of people will want to learn more about it. 


Another sport that’s getting a boost of interest is wingfoiling. Wingfoiling is a watersport that bridges the gap between kitesurfing and windsurfing. 

If you go into this niche, you’ll likely see seasonal variations so it might be worth tracking keywords in Australia/New Zealand, as well as the rest of the world. 

Here is the keyword research data:

If I started a blog in this niche, I’d probably begin creating content about wingfoiling and then begin to branch out into other watersports. 

How to monetize this niche:

Affiliate links and display ads. Additionally, you could look for sponsored content opportunities with schools or brands. In time, you could set up your own online store. 


Thrifting is one of the best untapped niches for 2023 as it’s going to increase in commerciality (ironically). Thrifting is essentially second-hand, reused items. With a recession looming and a growing demand for sustainable fashion, creating a thrifty clothing and accessory blog could be a very successful venture. 

Interest in this niche over 12 months looks good. There are also several keywords you could look for, depending on what you want to write about. 

Here are some keywords for fashion:

If you wanted to take a more lifestyle approach to this niche, you could also write about furniture, accessories, books, and more.

How to monetize this niche:

You could create informational content and add display ads. Additionally, you could become an affiliate for thrift stores online and create buyer guides. There are also online workshops, ebooks, freelance writing, and sponsored content. 


Calligraphy is making a comeback so if you’ve ever wanted to create your own calligraphy blog, now is the right time!

This is a hobby that I’ve seen all over Instagram and many of those accounts have hundreds of thousands of followers. Lettering in general has a lot of interest so it tends to be an evergreen topic. 

Here are some potential keywords for calligraphy:

How to monetize this niche:

Now, this is a niche that has unlimited possibilities. 

Here are a few ways in which you could monetize a calligraphy blog:

  • Online lettering courses
  • Online workshops
  • Calligraphy services 
  • Font creation 
  • Procreate lettering
  • Digital downloads, such as templates, ebooks, guides
  • Create your own pen brand
  • In-person events
  • Affiliate marketing and display advertising

Cold water therapy

Cold water therapy isn’t a new niche but there’s still some untapped potential here. 

With this niche, you could opt to go broader and focus on cold showers and cold therapy in general rather than cold water. 

Here are some keywords for cold therapy:

How to monetize this niche:

Display ads and affiliate marketing are the main monetization opportunities for this niche. You could also look for services offering cold therapy in your local area and work with them on sponsored content. Additionally, you could branch out into freelance writing in the health and wellness sector. 

Tiktok for business

Tiktok doesn’t need an introduction but have you ever considered creating a blog solely about Tiktok for business?

This is a great niche since many businesses don’t actually know the best way to use Tiktok for marketing purposes. If you have knowledge about the platform, you could create content to help businesses grow their accounts and increase their brand awareness. 

You could create content on all aspects of Tiktok, including how businesses can use the platform, how to create video content, how to run ads, and more. 

How to monetize this niche:

This is a good niche if you want to run a Tiktok marketing service – you could get companies to pay you for creating content for them.

Alongside providing services, you could create courses and ebooks on Tiktok marketing. Don’t forget, you can run display ads on your blog too. 

How to set up a blog

Once you’ve decided on your niche, how do you start a blog?

First, you’ll need a domain name and somewhere to host your website. I always recommend WordPress as a website host as it’s the most professional platform for bloggers. 

You can follow my step-by-step tutorial here to start your blog. 

Tips for starting a successful blog

Once you’ve set up your blog, it’s time to start creating content. Here are some tips for starting a successful blog:

I hope these untapped blog niches are helpful for getting started blogging. Please do let me know if you use any of the untapped blog niches on this page – I would love to see your website and support your journey!

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