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71 Food Blog Niches You Can Start A Blog About Today!

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Are you passionate about food or cooking? Then starting a food blog could be a profitable idea. There are a wide variety of food blog niches to choose from – picking the right one is crucial to blogging success.

Food blogging is a popular choice for many content creators and it often paves the path to making money online, whether that’s monetizing content with display ads or affiliate marketing or creating digital products to sell, such as a cookbook or course.

In this post, you’ll discover:

  • Why you should consider niching down to a food micro blog niche
  • 71 of the best food blog niches for 2023
  • How to choose a food blog niche as a new blogger
  • Some profitable food blogs for your inspiration

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Why Choose A Food Blog Micro Niche?

As there are many profitable blogs within the food niche, creating a general food blog can make it difficult to stand out.

A better way to become successful as a food blogger is to niche down and choose a micro-niche/topic to create a blog about.

By building a website and becoming a blogger within what may seem like a ‘smaller’ or more specialized niche, you’ll actually improve your potential of standing out from the crowd and people finding your blog on social media, including Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

You’ll also improve your chances of getting found organically on Google as there are likely to be less competitive keywords, meaning you can use SEO to get on the first pages of search engines.

71 best food blog niches in 2023

Now, I’ve shared why focusing on a micro niche is a good idea for beginners, here are some of the best food blog niches to create a website about.


Bakery goods/baking

Weight loss recipes

Trending recipes

Famous chefs

Gifts for food lovers




Chinese food

Gluten free

Dairy free



Slow cooking

Instant pot cooking/recipe blogging

Different types of meals for couples or singles

Food tech

Air fryer food recipes

Healthy eating


Clean eating





Family meal planning

Quick meals

Cooking for kids


Kitchen gadgets



Student recipes

Budget cooking


Plant-based meals


Pet food

Fresh farm produce

Fine dining

Restaurant reviews

Home dinner parties

Picnic recipes

Gut health meals

Anti-inflammatory recipes


Stir-fried food

Meals for busy people




Food for pregnancy

Meal prepping

Batch cooking

PCOS recipes

Food for teenagers

Food for old age

Seafood meals

Meat recipes

Ingredients from around the world


Food from a particular grocery store

Kitchen organization


French cooking

Growing your own food

Baby weaning

Toddler foods

Home brewing

Food service employment

How to choose a food blog niche as a new blogger

Use the following steps to start narrowing down your food blog niche ideas.

  • Look at the above list of food blog niches and see if anything stands out.
  • Do you have a specific type of food or drink that you’re passionate about?
  • Do you have experience in certain types of cooking?
  • Do you follow any type of diet where you could share your opinions and tips?
  • Is your micro niche in demand? – you can use Google Trends to determine the current popularity of your preferred niche.

I suggest choosing 3 or 4 topics you have an interest in and then doing some research to see what bloggers are already writing about these topics, and if you can offer a different perspective that will offer value to your readers.

How to make money with food blog niches

There are many different ways to monetize a blog. Many people within the food blogging niche have transformed their hobby blog into a full time online business.

Here are some ways in which bloggers can make money from food blogging:

  1. Affiliate links

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money as you can add affiliate links to pretty much any blog post and add links to your social media platforms. You don’t need a lot of followers to start making money with affiliate marketing so this is often the best way for new bloggers to monetize their content.

Additionally, you can use them in your emails, such as when you send a newsletter to your email subscribers.

2. Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are when a company or brand pays you to create a blog post or social media post. Generally, you’ll need to be getting some form of traffic or have an online presence for brands to reach out to you.

However, you can use platforms like Get Blogged and Intellifluence to find sponsored opportunities on a regular basis.

3. Display ads

Once you start getting a lot of traffic to your blog, you can sign up to a display ads network like Mediavine or Ezoic.

This enables you to add display ads to your blog so that you can make some extra money.

This is often the main way that a profitable blog will make money – some websites are earning thousands of dollars through ads.

However, you’ll need to have a successful blog receiving lots of traffic before you can use this income method within your online business.

If you have a YouTube channel, you can also make extra cash through their partner program.

4. Digital products

Online courses, ebooks, and other digital downloads are an excellent way for a wide range of food blog niches to make money.

You can create a course or ebook on any specific topic within food. For example, if you have baking niche blog, you could create an online course on baking for beginners.

The great thing about digital items is that you can earn a lot of money, even if you have a small audience. Plus, you can sell them on any platform, including your own website, Etsy, or Amazon.

Most profitable food blogs

Need some inspiration to get started with blogging on the internet? Here are some of the most profitable food blogs.

A Pinch of Yum

Natasha’s Kitchen

Minimalist Baker

Deliciously Ella

Cookie and Kate

The Woks of Life

Sally’s Baking Addiction


How do I start my own food blog?

Once you’ve chosen your niche, it’s time to acquire a domain name.

From here, you can set up a WordPress blog for a small extra cost and start adding content so people can find you online.

I’d also recommend getting matching social media channels too, like a Twitter account, Youtube etc. Even if you don’t plan on posting anything on these accounts to begin with, you have them for future use.

Is it too late to start a food blog?

No, food is always going to be a good niche to blog about as people need to eat to survive.

While it can be competitive, like personal finance, this particular topic has many food blog niches, so you can easily find something to write about.

So, If you’re wondering if food blogging is worth it, then yes!

How do food bloggers get free food?

Once you start blogging regularly, it’s possible that companies who like your content will reach out to you about collaborations – they may be interested in sending you free samples or sponsored content.

As a new blogger, I would focus on creating valuable content for your audience first – the rewards will come in time.

To recap

I hope you found this post useful when it comes to finding food blog niches to create a website about.

Blogging is a long-term game so picking the right niche is crucial, especially if you want to eventually replace your full-time job with an online income stream.

Remember, if you’re unsure as to whether to create a website on a particular topic, these food blog niches should be researched in more depth so you can determine if it’s going to be a viable idea for your future success.

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