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134 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas Your Readers Will Adore

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As a lifestyle blogger, you’re constantly on the lookout for lifestyle blog post ideas and inspiration. There are only so many hours in a day, after all. You can’t spend all of your time on blog content ideas and social media promotion. 

Sometimes, blog post inspiration can come from anywhere. A random tweet, an article on your favorite blog, or a video on YouTube can spark an idea for lifestyle blog topics. However, other times, it can be hard to come up with content ideas.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to inspire yourself and create lifestyle blog content that people want to read.

In this helpful guide, you’ll learn:

  • What are some lifestyle categories that bloggers write about?
  • 134 lifestyle blog post ideas 2023 for your website
  • How to generate more lifestyle blog post ideas for your content calendar
  • Additional top tips to take your lifestyle blogging ideas to the next level

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What Are Some Lifestyle Categories?

Before we explore the best lifestyle blog post ideas, it may be helpful to understand some lifestyle topics for discussion.

What do lifestyle bloggers talk about?

In general, a lifestyle blog can cover the following blog categories examples:

  • Food
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Interiors
  • Travel
  • Blogging/content creation
  • Health and wellness
  • Parenting
  • Personal growth
  • Relationships
  • Hobbies
  • Crafts
  • Music

134 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas For Your Website

Here are some of the best blog post ideas lifestyle content creators can use.

Create a survey

Surveys are a great way to learn more about your audience and their interests and needs. Many successful blogs use them as a way to their blog traffic. 

Use Jotform to create an easy-to-use survey that’s accessible to your readers. You can then share the results of the survey in another blog post. If you have a large email list, you can also send out an email containing the results of the survey. This is a great way of boosting blog traffic by ensuring your subscribers come back to your website.

Write about a topic you’re passionate about

If you’re passionate about something, it will show in your writing – and in turn, inspire others.

There are several lifestyle topics to discuss which can be linked to your passions.

You might be passionate about a hobby or interest. Perhaps you have strong opinions on current events or health and wellness topics to write about.

Whatever it is that inspires you, there will be people who want to read about your experiences.

Here are a few lifestyle blog ideas to get you started:

  • Sport/recreation
  • Crafts
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Makeup
  • Skincare
  • Fragrance
  • Fashion
  • Photography
  • Fitness
  • Home decor
  • Upcycling
  • Saving money
  • Gardening
  • Foraging
  • Canning
  • Pets
  • Investing
  • Life as a student
  • Reading
  • Language learning
  • Technology

Create a cheat sheet

This is one of the best lifestyle blog post topics for boosting traffic. A cheat sheet is a quick guide for someone who needs help on a specific subject.

They can be shared via email or social media, and used as content on your lifestyle blog as well. A good example of this is Expert Photographys Pet Photography Cheat Sheet which covers the basics of capturing your pet on camera in an easy-to-digest format.

Write a how-to guide

People are always looking for tips on how to do something. You can create your own how-to blog ideas, or you can link to existing ones. This is a great way to share your knowledge, and it’s one of the best forms of content.

Here are some simple yet effective ‘how to’ blog post ideas:

  • How to style your rental home
  • How to save up for a new car
  • How to have a productive morning routine
  • How to have a 5 minute makeup routine
  • How to start a new hobby, and stick to it
  • How to mend a broken handbag
  • How to choose the best skin care products for aging skin
  • How to get ready for a job interview
  • How to fall asleep quickly
  • How to stop smoking in 5 easy steps
  • How to improve your mental health with apps
  • How to find your perfect facial care routine
  • How to make friends as an adult

Share an infographic

There are plenty of infographics out there that are relevant to your own blog. If you find one that’s interesting and useful, share it on your website and link back to the original source. This will help spread the word about the infographic, and it will also give people who read your blog post a chance to learn something new.

You could share an infographic of fashion trends, a gift guide, 10 minute makeup routine, or even the habits of successful people. 

Interview someone influential

Interviewing someone is a great way to get their perspective on things, share life lessons, their personal story or even their own creative ideas for lifestyle blogging. If you interview someone with authority in your niche, people will want to read what they have to say.

Create a video series

If you’re comfortable on camera, you can create a video series to share on your blog or social media. This is a great way to get attention, and it can also help you build an audience if you have a new lifestyle blog.

Think about aspects of your blog life you could share or maybe even reveal how you come up with fresh blog post ideas for your website – there’s so much you could show – regardless of whether that’s your personal life or not.

Share industry news

If you find an interesting article or news story related to your blogging niche, such as a fashion success story or general blogging industry news – share it with your followers.

This is a great way to keep people up-to-date with relevant content, and it helps you to generate new topics quickly.

Post a link roundup

If you find several lifestyle articles ideas related to your niche, you can share them in a blog post. People can get an idea of the content without having to click on individual links, and it’s a great way to promote your favorite bloggers at the same time.

Whether you find an amazing essay or discover someone else’s aspects of life that fascinate you, this can be a fantastic lifestyle post example. 

Write a Q&A post

For articles that are quick to generate, they don’t come much easier than this.

When readers ask questions in the comments section, answer them in a dedicated article. This is another piece of content that will be more likely to get shared because it’s easy for people to digest quickly. You may also want to feature interesting questions you receive on social media as well.

Write a list post

An ultimate list post is one of the easiest blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers to write as people love reading lists of tips and tricks. You can create lists about various topics. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • 10 productivity tips for students
  • 5 ways to improve your fitness routine
  • 17 TV shows to watch on Netflix
  • 21 self-care ideas for a Sunday afternoon
  • 11 blogging resources to grow your website
  • 15 healthy breakfasts for busy professionals
  • 10 summer essentials for yogis
  • 31 fashion hacks for teens
  • 20 blog name ideas for creatives
  • 8 beauty essentials you need to know about
  • 6 instant money saving tips to start today

Share an overview of an event

If there’s an upcoming conference or local meetup that might interest your audience, share information about it in a blog post. This is especially helpful if you live in the same area as the event — it helps you gain more local followers who are interested in what goes on near them. You may also want to include information about any events related to your industry that are happening near you as well.

Review something

Reviews make excellent features as there’s a good chance that many people may be searching for them. Plus, these blog posts are easy to create content on as you can simply share your own experience.

If you’ve recently tried a new product or service, share your thoughts about it.

Here is a list of blog post suggestions that make excellent review posts:

  • A favorite book or movie
  • An honest critique of a website plugin
  • Fitness guide review
  • Restaurant or hotel review
  • Food/beverage product
  • Physical or online store
  • Clothes/accessories review
  • Beauty product review
  • Review of a game or app
  • Gift guide/gift ideas

Share a list of resources for your readers

If you have a list of resources (like blogs, tools, books, etc.) that you frequently refer to in your articles, consider sharing it with your readers.

This is helpful both for people who want to check out some new websites and for those who are interested in finding more information within a specific area.

Here are some suggestions for lifestyle topics to blog about:

  • Blogging mistakes to avoid
  • Travel essentials when going abroad
  • Favorite phone apps for your bedtime routine
  • Favorite beauty products
  • Book reviews of new releases
  • Best monthly subscriptions for…
  • Daily activities that include certain apps…
  • Latest fashion trends
  • Top blogging goals for beginners

Share your own story

A great way to build trust with your audience is to share a little bit of your backstory with them.

Here are some great ideas to get started:

  • How you achieved a certain success in life
  • How you created a realistic goal for yourself
  • How you’ve improved your spiritual health
  • The biggest challenges you’ve faced
  • How you’ve saved/made money
  • Losing weight or getting fit
  • An embarrassing story or pet peeve
  • Story from your daily life
  • Something that has happened to inspire you in life
  • People you’ve met that have had an impact on you

This helps readers get to know you better and can be especially powerful if you’ve overcome some sort of challenge or obstacle along the way — as long as you present yourself as someone who can help others overcome that same challenge.

Share a tool or resource that makes life easier for creators

I’ve already mentioned creating content around your personal blog knowledge. But, lifestyle website ideas based on blogging tips and tricks are a great source of information, especially for those that identify themselves as a new blogger.

A lot of people are always looking resources that will help them to blog better or faster — and if you can share this knowledge, it’s an easy way to provide your audience with value.

A couple of lifestyle blog post ideas could include:

  • Social media content creation tips
  • How to grow your social media account
  • Beginner photography tips for lifestyle bloggers
  • A list of your essential blogging tools
  • Self-improvement ideas for bloggers
  • Favorite hashtags for new bloggers
  • How to run a successful lifestyle blog
  • 5 must-haves for creating blog images

There are many awesome ideas under the umbrella of blogging, and it’s a smart way to show your authority within the industry, as well as offer highly valuable information to your readers. 

Share a piece of advice that will help bloggers improve their business

If you’re a pro blogger who is running a website as a business, you probably have some advice that can help new bloggers get started on the right foot.

Some suggestions include:

  • Your best tips for getting started with email marketing
  • How you started earning money via affiliate marketing
  • Best social media tips for making money with Instagram or TikTok
  • How you’ve sold professional services through your website
  • Advice on getting sponsorships

Write a travel post

Travel blog ideas make an awesome post as you can create content around places you’ve visited or where you want to travel to.

Some popular lifestyle blog content ideas based around travel include:

  • Minimal packing ideas
  • Guide to a specific destination
  • Top attractions to visit within a region
  • How to eat healthy when traveling
  • Safety tips for a specific location
  • How to save money on flights
  • Morning routine for travelers
  • Awesome activities when in a specific location

Write a food blog post

If you’re a foodie, why not start creating food-related blog posts?

These could include:

  • Favorite restaurants
  • How to save money eating out.
  • Best foods to eat in a city
  • Recipes posts
  • Quick and easy lunches on the go
  • Tasty vegan suppers
  • Keto dinners
  • Low calorie snacks for vegetarians
  • Your favorite low fast desserts
  • Movie night snacks on a budget

These are great for when you have writer’s block as you can easily repurpose them for social media.

Write a self-improvement post

Self-improvement topics make excellent lifestyle posts as most people are searching for ways to improve their lives in some way.

Here are some examples which include health and wellness topics to write about:

  • How to start a bullet journal, step-by-step
  • Bullet journal prompts
  • The benefits of journaling
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Your morning routine
  • Relationship/dating posts
  • Self-care ideas/current trends
  • Workout routine
  • How to become a morning person
  • The biggest mistake people make when training for a marathon
  • Work from home routine
  • Ultimate list of podcasts
  • Your ultimate life goals
  • Your bucket list
  • A-Z list of things to do in your 20s
  • Things to do in your 30s
  • How to declutter your home
  • Top tips for an evening facial
  • Studying as an adult learner
  • Improving your happiness
  • Healthy work routine ideas
  • Your experience of therapy

How To Generate More Blog Post Ideas

Are you wondering how to generate lifestyle blog post ideas?

As you’re brainstorming lifestyle content ideas, don’t forget to think about how you can generate more amazing content. What are you missing from your content plan? What types of articles can you create to fill in the gaps?

There are a number of different ways you can generate blog post topics. Here are a few great lifestyle post ideas to get you started:

  • Guest Post: This is when a lifestyle blogger agrees to write for you. Guest blogging is a great way of generating more content for your lifestyle blog. For instance, you could use some fashion or beauty blog post ideas on this page. You’ll gain extra exposure for your website and build relationships with other online communities.
  • Sponsored Post: Sponsorships are a great way for successful bloggers to generate great ideas when they’re busy. A sponsorship is a business agreement between a brand and a blogger. Essentially, the blogger promotes a product or service in an article in exchange for money, free product or a coupon code.
  • Press Release: A press release is a written announcement about a product or service that’s designed to be published by media outlets. While you shouldn’t copy and paste press releases to your lifestyle blog (because you should be creating original content), you can use them for round-up posts or to provide your readers with information on new products that are about to be released.

Lifestyle Content Ideas for Instagram

If you’re a lifestyle blogger, you may also want to know some of the best lifestyle post ideas for Instagram.

There are many suggestions that can complement your blog topics on lifestyle.

Some lifestyle related topics for Instagram include:

  • Daily routine – Share your morning, work, or bedtime routine.
  • Outfit of the day (OOTD) – Showcase your fashion choices and provide outfit inspiration.
  • Healthy meals – Share delicious and nutritious recipes, cooking tips, or meal prep ideas.
  • Fitness journey – Post workout routines, progress updates, or fitness challenges.
  • Book recommendations – Share your favorite books and what you’re currently reading.
  • Travel adventures – Document your travels with picturesque shots and travel tips.
  • Home decor – Give a glimpse into your living space, showcasing your interior design style.
  • Beauty tips – Share makeup tutorials, skincare routines, or product reviews.
  • Self-care rituals – Discuss activities you engage in for relaxation and mental well-being.
  • Personal growth – Share your goals, achievements, and lessons learned along the way.
  • Inspirational quotes – Post uplifting and motivational quotes to brighten your followers’ day.
  • Events – Document special occasions, such as birthdays, holidays, or local events.
  • Behind-the-scenes – Give your followers a glimpse into your life beyond Instagram.
  • Collaborations – Partner with other influencers or brands for giveaways or shared content.
  • Q&A – Engage with your audience by answering their questions in a post or Instagram story.
  • Budgeting and finance – Share money-saving tips, budgeting strategies, or investment advice.
  • Work-life balance – Discuss strategies for managing your career and personal life.

These lifestyle Instagram ideas can be easily implemented into your content strategy. Plus, you can use these lifestyle post ideas for Facebook too.

Remember, authenticity is key when sharing lifestyle content. Your followers will appreciate genuine, relatable lifestyle post ideas that give them a peek into your world.

Additional FAQs

How do you find trending lifestyle topics to write about?

There are several ways on how to find trending topics for blog posts. You can see what’s trending on social media by searching for popular hashtags.

You can also look at recent news blog posts for inspiration. I also like to search Google Trends to find content ideas and lifestyle trending topics too.

What is a good lifestyle post?

A good lifestyle post should contain information that is relevant to the subject of your article, as well as consider what the reader may be looking for. For example, if you’re writing a blog post on the best beaches in Madrid, then you should cover key information related to tourist beaches, such as cleanliness, activities, food, toilets, location, etc.

It’s also a good idea to optimize your content for SEO. By doing this, you’ll improve the chances of your content getting found by people searching on Google. Read my post on daily SEO tasks to find out more about how you can get started.

How do lifestyle blogs make money?

Lifestyle blogs make money via affiliate marketing, display ads, sponsored content, and selling digital products, such as eBooks and courses.

Some popular lifestyle blogs may also sell physical products, and offer coaching, or services, such as freelance writing.

What are some lifestyle blog examples?

Some popular lifestyle blogs in 2023 include Goop, Refinery29, Love Taza, Cup of Jo, Amber Fillerup Clark, and Kate La Vie.

How to start an email list for lifestyle bloggers 

An email list is a great way to promote your content and earn extra money through affiliate sales.

To start an email list, consider using a lead magnet – special content that someone receives in return for giving you their email address. That could be a free eBook, cheat sheet, mini guide, template, webinar, workshop, audio, video, or something else. Think about what your audience struggle with and then create something that solves their problem – this is the most effective way to offer a successful lead magnet.

Once you’ve created your lead magnet, you can set up a dedicated page on your website and use your email provider of choice to collect email addresses in exchange for your content.

Use These Lifestyle Blog Ideas To Elevate Your Website

Now you know some of the best lifestyle blog post ideas to write about, and how to easily generate all the ideas you need, you’ll be able to fill your editorial calendar with some awesome lifestyle blog writing.

Posting a mix of these easy blog ideas will give you a well-rounded website, filled with varied information. Just remember to post consistently to keep readers flocking to your blog, and to show search engines that you’re creating fresh blog post ideas and original content – if I have one top blogging tip to share with you, it’s this as it will help your search engine optimization efforts

If you’re yet to start your blog, make sure you read my full guide on how to set up a blog.

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