47 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas Your Readers Will Adore

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As a lifestyle blogger, you’re constantly on the lookout for great ideas and inspiration. There are only so many hours in a day, after all. You can’t spend all of your time on content creation and social media promotion. You need to carve out time for other aspects of your business.

Sometimes, blog post inspiration can come from anywhere. A random tweet, an article on your favorite blog, or a video on YouTube can spark an idea for a new post. However, other times, it can be hard to come up with content ideas.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to inspire yourself and create lifestyle blog content that people want to read.

This article contains over 47 lifestyle blog post ideas you can use to help build your blog’s content schedule.

47+ Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas For Your Website

Create a survey

Surveys are a great way to learn more about your audience and their interests and needs. They also provide great blog post content.

Use Jotform to create an easy-to-use survey that’s accessible to your readers. You can then share the results of the survey in another blog post. If you have a large email list, you can also send out an email containing the results of the survey. This is a great way of boosting blog traffic by ensuring your subscribers come back to your website.

Write about a topic you’re passionate about

If you’re passionate about something, it will show in your writing – and in turn, inspire others. You might be passionate about a hobby or interest, like running or gardening. Or perhaps you have strong opinions on current events. Whatever it is that inspires you, there will be people who want to read about your experiences in a lifestyle blog post.

Create a cheat sheet

This is one of the best lifestyle blog post ideas for boosting traffic. A cheat sheet is a quick guide for someone who needs help on a specific subject.

They can be shared via email or social media, and used as content on your lifestyle blog as well . A good example of this is Expert Photographys Pet Photography Cheat Sheet which covers the basics of capturing your pet on camera in an easy-to-digest format.

Write a how-to guide

People are always looking for tips on how to do something. You can create your own how-to guide, or you can link to existing ones . This is a great way to share your knowledge, and it’s one of the best creative lifestyle blog post ideas.

Share an infographic

There are plenty of infographics out there that are relevant to your own blog. If you find one that’s interesting and useful, share it on your lifestyle blog and link back to the original source. This will help spread the word about the infographic, and it will also give people who read your blog post a chance to learn something new.

Interview someone influential

Interviewing someone is a great way to get their perspective on things, share life lessons, their personal story or even their own creative ideas for lifestyle blogging. If you interview someone with authority in your niche, people will want to read what they have to say.

Create a video series

If you’re comfortable on camera, you can create a video series to share on your lifestyle blog or social media. This is a great way to get attention, and it can also help you build an audience if you have a new lifestyle blog.

Share industry news

If you find an interesting article or news story related to an area of your blog, such as fashion or beauty, share it with your followers. This is a great way to keep people up-to-date with relevant content, and it helps you to generate new blog post ideas quickly.

Post a link roundup

If you find several good blog posts related to your niche, you can share them in a lifestyle blog post. People can get an idea of the content without having to click on individual links, and it’s a great way to promote your favorite bloggers at the same time.

Write a Q&A post

For lifestyle blog post ideas that are quick to generate, they don’t come much easier than this.

When readers ask questions in the comments section, answer them in a dedicated blog post. This is another piece of content that will be more likely to get shared because it’s easy for people to digest quickly. You may also want to feature interesting questions you receive on social media as well.

Write a list post

This is one of the easiest blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers to write as people love reading lists of tips and tricks. You can create lists about various topics, like “10 Productivity Tips for Students” or “5 Blogging Tips for New Lifestyle Bloggers.”

Share an overview of an event

If there’s an upcoming conference or local meetup that might interest your audience, share information about it in a blog post. This is especially helpful if you live in the same area as the event — it helps you gain more local followers who are interested in what goes on near them. You may also want to include information about any events related to your industry that are happening near you as well.

Review something

Reviews make excellent lifestyle blog post ideas as there’s a good chance that many people may be searching for them. Plus, these blog post ideas are easy to create content on as you can simply share your own experience.

If you’ve recently tried a new product or service, share your thoughts about it. You could also review a book or movie, or share an honest critique of something related to your blog life, such as a plugin, blogging course or blog planner.

Share a list of resources for your readers

If you have a list of resources (like blogs, tools, books, etc.) that you frequently refer to in your blog posts, consider sharing it with your readers. This is helpful both for people who want to check out some new websites and for those who are interested in finding more information within a specific area. For instance, you could share your list of favorite blogging tools, free blog images, or favorite phone apps.

Share your own story

A great way to build trust with your audience is to share a little bit of your backstory with them. Tell them how you got started in your career, why you started blogging, or even how you got the idea for the blog post you’re writing now.

This helps readers get to know you better and can be especially powerful if you’ve overcome some sort of challenge or obstacle along the way — as long as you present yourself as someone who can help others overcome that same challenge.

Share a tool or resource that makes life easier for lifestyle bloggers

I’ve already mentioned creating content around your personal blog knowledge. But, lifestyle posts based on blogging tips and tricks are a great source of information, especially for those that identify themselves as a new blogger.

A lot of people are always looking resources that will help them to blog better or faster — and if you can share this knowledge, it’s an easy way to provide your audience with value.

A couple of lifestyle blog post ideas could include:

  • Social media content creation tips
  • How to grow your social media account
  • Beginner photography tips for lifestyle bloggers
  • A list of your essential blogging tools
  • Self-improvement ideas for bloggers
  • Money-saving tips for new bloggers
  • How to run a successful lifestyle blog
  • Tools for creating blog images

There are many awesome ideas for lifestyle blog post ideas under the umbrella of blogging.

Share a piece of advice that will help bloggers improve their business

If you’re a professional lifestyle blogger who is running a blog as a business, you probably have some advice that can help new bloggers get started on the right foot.

If you’ve spent years building your email list, why not share your best tips for getting started with email marketing?

If you’ve had success with affiliate marketing, maybe you can share the resources that helped you to start earning money. You could even share your best social media tips for making money with Instagram or TikTok.

Write a travel post

Travel blog ideas make an awesome post as you can create lifestyle blog content around places you’ve visited or where you want to travel to.

Perhaps, you could write about a specific destination, or about the top attractions to visit within a region. Some more lifestyle blog post ideas based around travel include:

  • Minimal packing ideas
  • How to eat healthy when traveling
  • Shopping tips for a specific location
  • How to save money on flights
  • Morning routine for travelers
  • A personal story on travel

Write a food blog post

If you’re a lifestyle blogger/foodie, why not start writing about your favorite restaurants or how to save money eating out. You could also write a blog post about the best foods to eat in a city.

If you enjoy cooking, share a recipe instead. These types of lifestyle blog post ideas are great for when you have writer’s block as you can easily repurpose them for social media.

Write a self-improvement post

 If you are an expert on something, then base a blog post topic around it. For instance, if you’ve been writing a bullet journal for years then you can use this to generate a variety of great lifestyle blog post ideas.

Some lifestyle blog post ideas for this include journal prompts and the benefits of journaling.

Alternatively, you could write about something you’ve experienced yourself within self-development, such as relationship counseling. You could then make a list of blog post ideas related to personal relationship advice and turn all these ideas into individual blog posts.

Maybe there is a subject that you have researched and found useful information on. For example, if you are into running and there is a new training program that is being launched that will help people improve their time in a marathon by three hours, then write an article about it and share it with your readers.

How To Generate More Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

As you’re brainstorming lifestyle blog post ideas, don’t forget to think about how you can generate more content. What are you missing from your content plan? What types of lifestyle content ideas can you create to fill in the gaps? 

There are a number of different ways you can generate blog post topics. Here are a few great ideas to get you started:

  • Guest Post: This is when a lifestyle blogger agrees to write for you. Guest blogging is a great way of generating more content for your lifestyle blog. Additionally, you’ll gain extra exposure for your website and build relationships with other online communities.
  • Sponsor Post: Sponsorships are a great way for lifestyle bloggers to generate great ideas when they’re busy. A sponsorship is a business agreement between a brand and a blogger. Essentially, the blogger promotes a product or service in an article in exchange for money, free product or a coupon code.
  • Press Release: A press release is a written announcement about a product or service that’s designed to be published by media outlets. While you shouldn’t copy and paste press releases to your lifestyle blog (because you should be creating original content), you can use them for round-up posts or to provide your readers with information on new products that are about to be released.

Use These Lifestyle Blog Ideas To Elevate Your Lifestyle Blog

Now you know some of the best lifestyle blog topics to write about, and how to easily generate all the ideas you need, you’ll be able to fill your editorial calendar with some fantastic content.

Posting a mix of these lifestyle blog ideas will give you a well-rounded website, filled with varied information. Just remember to post consistently to keep readers flocking to your blog, and to show Google that you’re creating fresh, original content – if I have one top blogging tip to share with you, it’s this!

Happy blogging.

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